Tuesday, March 29, 2016

74 | Pslam 74 and the United States of America, bring the Masonic ownership of the Bible into focus


After reading this, the history of the United States of America makes an awful lot more sense.  Especially the destruction of the environment.  Part of the reason I despise Christianity, is because I know how many brain dead retards use it as their reasoning for being careless about their destructive behavior towards the environment.  Who cares if eating that way is good for the environment, God gave us the earth for our enjoyment, dur dur dur...

Masonic = 74
Jewish = 74
Messiah = 74
Jesus = 74
Y'Shua = 74 (Greek translation of Jesus)
Joshua = 74 (English translation of Jesus)
Muhammad = 74 (Latest prophet since Jesus in Islam)
Lucifer = 74 (Named used in KJV for Satan)
Gospel = 74 (Story of Jesus)
Cross = 74 (Where Jesus ended up at '33')
Oregon = 74 (33rd State, only with Gematria of 74)

Of course the United State's birthday is 7/4, July 4.


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    1. You are able to produce a ton of content very quickly. Wow. And good work, I am seeing your posts.

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  2. 40-59 Cavs winning with no Lebron.....

    40= Zionist...

    59=Forty three which equals champion....59 also = MAsonic. Beast six six six and thirteen stars.

    Sums to 99 which =Thirteen ...Lebrons thirteen season...Masonic....And of Course Dark Horse

    Cleveland ended the quarter on a 19-4 run.....Leading by 19 which equals Amtrak

  3. I despise Christianity because it teaches that Yeshua was the only son of God and that we are less than. His true teaching has been corrupted and intentionally mis translated for centuries. He said "verily I say unto you, greater things can ye do for ye go unto the father." Jesus taught that ALL are sons and daughters of God, not him alone, that is a hideous fallacy. He tells us we can do greater things than he did. We all have the potential to awaken the inner Christ. Everyone, even the tyrants, though they've diluted their souls so much at this point they may never hear their own true knowingness until the moment of their physical deaths. Those who chose to by tyrants here will weep for what they have done when they are close to death. Yet, they are still loved by God. I hate what they have chosen to be in this world. With all their consolidated wealth they could make this a utopia for all. But that is not part of their insidious agenda. Zach, you my friend are doing the most important work one can do. Peeling away the illusions of this world is as important and interrelated to peeling away the illusions of self. There is so much yet to be uncovered, but rest assured, a world will be created here by the people for the people, there's simply too many of us here for it to be any other way. I think there is a damn good reason the world is so densely populated, too many? Yes. But with so many people here, once shit starts hitting the fan and people are faced with true adversity, our takeover is inevitable. There's simply too many of us to be stopped once real information is shared and understood by the collective. "They got the guns but, we got the numbers... Gonna win yeah we're TAKIN OVER."

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  5. I have always been weirded out by the imagery of Jesus suffering on the cross. It makes Christianity seem like a pain worshipping cult. There's a very sadomasacistic vibe to it that I sensed and it freaked me out as a child forced to attend church.

    1. Good instincts. You should see how many times I have head to read comments such as, "You don't know Jesus because you're not soaked in his blood." Just think about that fucking cult! 'The body of christ, shed for you!" "The blood of christ, shed for you!" It is a religion for lunatics.

  6. zach, please read the geneva translation: http://www.genevabible.org/files/Geneva_Bible/Old_Testament/Psalm1a.pdf

    8 They said in their hearts, Let us destroy them altogether: they have burnt all the *Synagogues of God* in the land.

    what about the right hand reference?

    11 Why withdrawest thou thine hand, even thy right hand? draw it out of thy bosom, and consume them.

    isn't it the right hand that is always hidden in their jackets?

    this verse says all i need to read to know that the bible is meant to confuse and control the masses

    Isaiah 45:7 I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

    lastly, here's an interesting link you might want for your bible files, mister zach :)


    thanks for being a doing, you're the best!

    1. well that's interesting O.o.. not sure how my words got spaced apart like that at the top

    2. Great catches, and the right hand reference is an excellent point. It symbolizes their "hidden hand" perfectly.

  7. Thanks for this truth bomb. This information is the foundation of our script. Know it or live a lie.

  8. Zach, I wanted to point out something in relation to this article. The Greek word for Jesus isn't "Y'shua". The Hebrew is Yeshua or Yehoshua from what I've studied. In greek there is no Y so they use "IESOUS". Iota-Eta-Sigma-Omicron-Upsilon-Sigma. The Greek gematria value of Iesous is 888. I know there is a lot of 888 connections to Jesus. Maybe you can make some more connections to 888 I can't remember what else it is connected to.

    Number 888:

    I used this calculator http://www.numberman.net/Greek_Gem_Calculator.html