Sunday, March 27, 2016

49 53 66 222 | Warriors defeat 76ers, March 27, 2016, Easter Sunday

Notice the sum of 222 points, this reminds me of the Philadelphia Amtrak train crash which was connected to the Warriors NBA Finals win.  Remember, the Warriors are originally from Philadelphia.

Today's game between the Warriors and Philadelphia, comes on a date with '66' numerology.  This matters because Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible, and the name Philadelphia comes from Revelation.

In light of the 222-points, it should be noted that Revelation is about 'Hell' coming to earth.

Keep in mind, this game was played on Eastern Sunday.

This was also the Warriors 53rd straight win at home.

Religion = 9+5+3+9+7+9+6+5 = 53


  1. So this doesn't change the finals right? Or is it a Revalation about hell? Then again the Virginia Cavs had that 47 connection.....

  2. i do wonder why is the warriors having so much success remember they weren't popular last year .in since they started in philly why isnt the sixers havent success is because they dont have stars?

    nfl is about ratings nba im not sure because the knicks in the bulls arent making the playoffs this year in those are the only teams outside of lebron who actually draw ratings in the east . so yea the nba is confusing

    1. The sixers don't play in Cali since Kobe is retiring they need the next California superstar in curry

    2. I think its about getting the man who possesses the 33 the championship in the nba.just like the election there is only a tight knit few factions winning.

  3. The Warriors are unique because they bring in a lot of new fans because the really have no history and they play in California

  4. There has been 66 triple doubles so far

  5. Zach you sure the Mets won't get in? Seems hard to believe with 5 Aces a bullpen. The best infield and outfield.

  6. There has been 66 triple doubles so far

    1. No one cares bro unless was Lebron James the 66th triple double?

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    3. It was! Also I was kidding Unknown. Your work on numerology is what keeps my heart beating at night....


  8. After watching the movie "Donnie Darko" earlier this winter and checking the different codes and timers presented in this film, I suspect that there is going to be a major event related to american presidency (or presidential election) on the date 07.06.2016 (7th June). Maybe the assassination date of president Obama?

    Analyzing the scoreboard of the rigged game last night between the Warriors and the 76ers, made this date even more suspicious. I will try to explain or present a theory below, but I have to split it into several comments to (hopefully) make it more readable.

    1. Part One:

      The final score of 117 to 105 could be a confirmation of the date 17th May, a stepping stone toward 7th June this year.

      If we take the date of the game itself and put the day and the month together: 273 >>> 72 and 73. If we add 72 days to 27.03.2016 we end up in 07.06.2016 not counting the end date.

      Add 73 days and we get 08.06.2016. The number eight could imply that a cycle ends this date and a new cycle starts.

    2. Part two:

      The Warriors scoreline through the 4 quarters:

      32 39 25 21

      Read it "backwards": Add 21 days to 17th of May you end up in 07.06.2016.

      2+5=7 and reflect the last digit 9 of 39 >> 07.06 again...

      Take the remaining 3 and 32 you get a 5-3. This 5-3 is repeated in the 35-0 home stat of the Warriors.

      The 66-7 overall stat of the Warriors could be double repetition of the 06.07. date we are inspecting now.

    3. Part three:

      The 5-3 is actually a count down of the fibonacci sequence of numbers. If we complete this countdown and reverse it we will have 1 2 3 5 , or a confirmation of 23th of May, another stepping stone towards the 07.06.2016.


    5. Part four:

      The 76ers scoreline through 4 quarters:

      31 24 24 26

      If we take the total score of 76ers of 105 we get 15. Add 15 days to the 23th of May from part three, and we get to 07.06 once more...

      Take the last digit of the quarters scoreline - 6 - and add to the 17th of May you get to the 23th of May.

    6. Part five:

      (76ers scoreline) 24 24 2 is constructed out of 222 and 24. Most possible that the Cavs will beat the Warriors 4-2 in the NBA Finals this year, like Zach predicted earlier on...

      222 could also be at 2-month counter;, starting at SB51 7th Feb, add 2 months to 7th April, and two more months to 7th of June (again...)

      The 31 could be symbolism of 3 great sacrifices to satan, like a possible assassination of the president could be one part of. Also like the three world wars.

    7. At last part six:

      The 76ers logo and stats is two parts read backwards:

      1) 53-3-5 is a double repetition of the 5-3 sequence mentioned above

      2) 76ers logo and 9-6 (reflect the 9) is a triple repetition of the 07.06. date.

    8. Hopefully not too many typos in the 6 part comment above, but in part five I meant SB50 not SB51... sorry bout that.

    9. I overlooked a couple of details regarding the 76ers logo in the first six part comment, so I will add theese observations here:

      The "ers" part of the 76ers logo also contains counters that confirms the dates above:

      E=5, R=18, S=19 >>> 51819

      15 = 15 days from 7.6.2016 back to 23.5.2016
      1+5= 6 days from 23.5.207 to 17.5.2016
      5 multiplied by 8 = 40 days from 17.5.2016 to 7.4.2016
      19 like 16 or confirmation of 60 days from 7.2.2016 to 7.2.2016
      18 + 19 = 37 days from 7.2.2016 to 1.1.2016
      ...and finally 159 like days back to 7.6.2016 from 1.1.2016

  9. hey zach can you look into jonathon simmons for the spurs. its his 1st yr in nba from the d league and his birthday equals 131 like championship. he starting to get more minutes for them recently