Sunday, March 27, 2016

43 | North Carolina leads 43-38 at the half, 'Championship' photo caption

North Carolina leads Notre Dame at the half, 43-38, for a sum of 81 points.

March = 13+1+18+3+8 = 43 (Last tournament game of March)
Champion = 3+8+1+4+7+9+6+5 = 43

Notice the 'Championship' on the banner in the background.  Foreshadowing?

This is North Carolina's 35th game of the season.  Notre Dame, ND, 14 4, is a Catholic School.

Catholic = 3+1+2+8+6+3+9+3 = 35 (JFK, only Catholic President, #35)

Let's close out with my favorite Catholic history lesson ever, since I love Catholicism so much.  Keep in mind JFK was the 35th President, but also the 44th term President, who was killed in the middle of Dealey Plaza, named after a 33rd Degree Freemason, on the first day of Sagittarius.

N D = 14 4 (a lot like 144)
In the history of the Vatican, there was a '33' day pope who died on a date with '44' numerology, just thirty-three days after being named Pope.  That was Pope John Paul I, who died September 28. 1978. Pope John Paul II would visit the United States not long after.

9/28/1978 = 9+2+8+1+9+7+8 = 44 (Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44)

Oh yea, and like I said, JFK was shot on the first day of Sagittarius.