Sunday, March 27, 2016

46 | No foul until 46 seconds? The closing of the North Carolina and Notre Dame Elite Eight Match, March 27, 2016

Notre Dame is in a situation where they need instant fouls.  Instead of fouling instantly, they let 30 seconds run off the clock, before fouling at 46 seconds.

March Madness = 4+1+9+3+8+4+1+4+5+5+1+1 = 46/64
3/27/16 = 3+27+16 = 46

Of course my pick for tournament MVP takes the line for the free throws.  As I said in my tournament preview vide, I suspect Paige steps it up after having a lackluster season, so far that has been the case.

Notice the timeout at 34.0 seconds.  It has been 34-years since the Tar Heels won their first championship with the coaching team of Dean Smith and Roy Williams.

Tar Heels = 2+1+9+8+5+5+3+1 = 34
Tar Heels = 20+1+18+8+5+5+12+19 = 88 (88 points, 34.0 timeout)