Sunday, March 27, 2016

46 | No foul until 46 seconds? The closing of the North Carolina and Notre Dame Elite Eight Match, March 27, 2016

Notre Dame is in a situation where they need instant fouls.  Instead of fouling instantly, they let 30 seconds run off the clock, before fouling at 46 seconds.

March Madness = 4+1+9+3+8+4+1+4+5+5+1+1 = 46/64
3/27/16 = 3+27+16 = 46

Of course my pick for tournament MVP takes the line for the free throws.  As I said in my tournament preview vide, I suspect Paige steps it up after having a lackluster season, so far that has been the case.

Notice the timeout at 34.0 seconds.  It has been 34-years since the Tar Heels won their first championship with the coaching team of Dean Smith and Roy Williams.

Tar Heels = 2+1+9+8+5+5+3+1 = 34
Tar Heels = 20+1+18+8+5+5+12+19 = 88 (88 points, 34.0 timeout)


  1. Ah shit 46 Mb.

    Again Coach is being interviewed and a Player behind the coach is trying to get the attention of the camera man HE PUTS UP 4 fingers....The coach says" he doesn't know what he's doing" then a couple seconds later he puts up 4fingers again.

    These Jews are sick fucks

  2. Next game will be for their 33rd win of the season and the championship game would be their 34th

    1. Also their record will be 33-6 going intonthe championship game on 4/4.
      336 has been coded in the terror events recently. 6/33 = .181818
      6+6+6 =18

    2. Nova is 33-5 going for their 34th win. If they lose they will be 33-6 when UNC goes 33-6 with a win. If Nova wins they will be 34-5 in the championship game which would be fitting when they lose to UNC as they would 34-6 with UNC, a tribute to the new champs!

    3. Halftime they ended with 43 points 43 equals Champion.

      It is a damn wrap. I think Tony Telling it like it is may have to reconsider.

  3. Times for the games next week...
    6:09 (15) for Villanovan game.
    8:49 (57) for NC game.

    1. 6:09 is also coded 69. Texas =69
      69 has been coded a lot recently.