Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dan Behrends connects Syracuse Orange to Philadelphia and the 76ers, College March Madness and NBA Rigging

Dan the man!!!


  1. this story is crazy everyone should read

  2. Orange all the way, me thinks. Found some other numbers on your 65 point post about Cuse too.

    Thirty Sixth Tournament Bid----2016 is my favorite.

  3. Zach there's so much linkage to all these teams in the final four... I mean some of this has to be arbitrary, I think one really important but possibly overlooked factor about this gematria knowledge reaching the mainstream is the fact that some of this coding perhaps the masons themselves and the ones actually coding hadn't thought of or pieced together. The Mcgregor vs Diaz coding is simple compared to this final four shit! Of course they're more contenders and people involved but holy shit. I'm still goin with your pick of UNC. I haven't been able to find more important connections than theirs and no one has produced a more convincing argument.

    1. Orange will most likely cover the 9.5 against... North Carolina wins a close game

  4. Here you go ZACK a tribute to Philly and KOBE as, Lower marion is connected to NOVA