Sunday, March 27, 2016

112 | Bernie Sanders, 'I think we know who ISIS is' (Bernie validating the lies, again)


Yesterday I ran out of time or I would have already made my video on Bernie's ISIS rhetoric and how it gives away the fact that he is nothing but a fraud.  Here he is again, this morning, ranting about ISIS.

If Sanders was the truth, he'd be speaking out against the Zionists in the media, who are the real terrorists and creators of fear.


  1. I'm trying to figure out what he represents beyond an actor fraud. Of course trump representing the great divided and the spoiler for the Republican Party and Hillary being the queen bitch, monarchical president to be. I mean think about this, the last 8 terms were Bush Sr., Bush Sr., Clinton, Clinton, Bush Jr., Bush Jr., Obama, Obama, Clinton, Clinton??. Does that sound like dynasties to you? Wouldn't it be fitting to get another Clinton in there a la the Bushes. Especially right after the first black president, the first woman representing the facade of true equality. What does this Sanders stooge represent?

    1. The wicker man
      Straw man
      The scarecrow
      The one burnt in effigy
      Bern ie Sand ers
      Burning down the house

      Remember what an effigy is - it's a sculpture or model of a person made to be damaged or destroyed as protest or expression of anger. A Sim sacrifice.
      My two cents

  2. Think about how evolution tells us we came from monkeys. Simians!
    What do monkeys do? They "ape" behavior of those around them.
    Ape = 23/5 mimic, copy, repeat
    The 23 Enigma
    Ape-raham Link-on
    Xerox 32 is reflection of 32/23
    Copys, clones, dna

    Is it Live or is it Memorex?

    The Sims
    The Simpsons
    Donald Trump becomes president on an episode of The Simpsons.
    Planet of the Apes
    I hate evert ape I see from chim-pan-A to chim-pan-Zee!

    The MISsing Linc..oln

  3. Monkeys
    Moon keys
    Monks wear hoodies
    Moon eyes

    The Monkeys were a manufactured, made-for-TV rock group but they did eventually play and write their own music. They also starred in a very psychedelic movie called Head. Highly recommended! It was actually written and directed by Jack Nicolson, "here's johnny!"
    Connections 430 786 131
    AssoCIAtions 533 864 144
    Links 169 390 65

    Hit the greens/screens
    Golf clubs
    Four Tees