Monday, March 28, 2016

44 46 47 155 | Pez Easter Egg Hunt canceled in Connecticut, March 27, 2016

Notice the post time of 10:55.  This whole story seems to be a joke on Christianity and the tradition of finding candy in eggs as a way of remembering the resurrection of Jesus.

There's also a connection between 'Pez' and 'Christian'.

Notice the story comes out of Connecticut.  This connects to the date of the event.

Connecticut = 3+6+5+5+5+3+2+9+3+3+2 = 46

And do you think it is any coincidence they mentioned parents pushing '4' year olds?

Easter Sunday = 5+1+1+2+5+9+1+3+5+4+1+7 = 44

You mean the police didn't arrest the rude parents!?  Chalk that last sentence up as subtle programming for the building police state.