Monday, December 12, 2016

33 90 | Trump picks Tillerson, December 12, 2016 headlines (BIG OIL CEO to be Secretary of State

Trump picks Tillerson = 90/108/117/270 (Ninety = 33) (12/12/2016 = 12+12+(2+0+1+6) = 33)
Secretary of State = 65/83/200 (Election = 83) (Leap Year = 83) (The Donald = 83)

What says "outsider" like BIG OIL CEO?

Remember when Donald Trump said he loved the uneducated?

Can someone pinch me?

Here comes more "Russia" narrative.

I can't wait to see what happens December 19, 2016.

Here's my decode on Tillerson from today's earlier headlines, with the speculation he wold be Secretary of State.


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  4. Tillerson

    Teller= cashier
    Son=SUN= worship


    Once ELohim is involved, out go the righteous !

  5. Tillerson was the 33rd president of the boy scouts of America. LMAO.

    Anagram for Tillerson: Learnt Oils.

    Wonder where he learnt about his oils.

    1. Hmm no A in Tillerson. Nevermind. Still, you find 'oils'

  6. Rex T got rich off Big Oil, isn't oil supposedly dino residue left over from their meteor.

  7. By putting Trump at the helm, they've freed themselves from a lot of "bothersome pretense". Now they can charge full steam ahead -- OPENLY running this country like what it is -- a massive CORPORATE EMPIRE.
    We're just a giant business enterprise -- & Trump & His "Apprentice's" represent the dropping of a facade about being anything else.

    With Tillerson as Sec of State, everyone will just assume -- & accept -- that he'll be out there cutting corporate deals & threatening to unleash the might of our military ... like so many strong-armed goons. The idea of him doing anything else won't even enter people's heads after awhile.

    Of course, we need to keep in mind that NO Sec of State ever lasts the duration of a Presidential term. The "First One" paves the way. It's those that follow who actually pull off the most nefarious stunts. They also tend to shroud themselves with more silence & secrecy.
    Simply consider Skull & Bones Member -- & current Sec of State -- John Kerry.
    Does ANYONE know what he's REALLY been up to as he jaunts around the world? Of course not. We only hear about where he's BEEN ... & then very little about that.

    Historical Truth Teller ANTONY SUTTON explained that one of the ways Skull & Bones has maintained control over our country is by inserting THEIR MEMBERS into Key Positions in the White House.
    He also mentioned that the MOST influential & powerful position ... is that of SEC OF STATE.
    We shouldn't be at all surprised if "Old Oilman Tillerson" is "S & B Brothers" with Kerry & the Presidential Bushes -- Papa & Baby George.

    Not that we'll ever know though -- since S & B stopped publishing their members list Years Ago. (However -- his name might be on an old list -- he's not exactly young ... lol!)