Thursday, November 3, 2016

45 46 54 108 133 | Chuck Pagano, Colts @ Packers, 11-6-2016, 'This will be a defining moment'

Zak Keefer?  The oldest article I can find from this guy is from July 22, 2016.  That's the day after my birthday.  In case you didn't know, my middle name is Keefe.

I have to ask:  Is this a joke, at my expense?  Zak Keefer = 43/52/61/88

'This will be a defining moment' = 124/133/268

The former coach of the Colts and Packers, Lindy Infante, died October 8, 2015, just before the Thursday Night Game, last season, Colts at Texans.

Lindy = 12+9+14+4+25 = 64
Infante = 9+14+6+1+14+20+5 = 69
Lindy Infante = 133

108-year Cubs curse broken

MLB = 27; Cubs won on 2/11 (211, the 47th prime)

10/8/2015 = 10+8+20+15 = 53 (NFL roster limit, 53)
10/8/2015 = 10+8+(2+0+1+6) = 26 (Mason) (Kill)
10/8/2015 = 1+0+8+2+0+1+5 = 17 (Mason) (Kill)

Remember how we documented the Colts fan at the Cubs-Indians World Series, and the 112th coding for the 112th World Series?  Again, this year, the Super Bowl is in Houston.  Also, this year, the Cubs broke the 108-year curse on their baseball team.

Houston = 112; Andrew Luck = 112; Horseshoe = 112

Read about that here:  

Also, read these related posts on the death of Lindy Infante:

Death of Lindy Infante, October 8, 2015:

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TNF, the night of Infante's death:

The last time the Colts missed the playoffs two years in a row was 1997 and 1998.  They missed last year, could they miss as well in the 97th season of the NFL?

We'll get a major clue this weekend, at Green Bay.

From the death of Lindy Infante, to this game Sunday, is 395-days, or a span of 396-days.

Notice the over / under at '54'.  Baseball = 54

From the cancelled Hall of Fame Game, August 7, 2016, between the Colts and Packers, to this game, is 91-days.  Chicago Cubs = 91 (1 through 13 summed, totals 91)

91-days is also 13-weeks.  Thirteen = 45/99 (Colts to improve to 4-5? with a little Luck?)

Major League = 45/108; Illinois = 45/99; Wrigley = 45/99; Cubs = 9/18/45

Hall of Fame Game Cancelled:

Last point, Chuck Pagano has name gematria connecting to Chicago, like the Cubs.


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    1. I thought CNN was mocking you with the "FBI at the door" article.
      Be safe friend.

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    1. Explain why bucs. I got people starting to open their eyes and are huge falcons fans. I explained the Pack falcs game last weekend and blew their minds.

    2. The Falcons are playing their 777th game.
      The Falcons should be wearing their white uniforms.
      The Falcons will avenge their opening day loss.
      The Falcons DESTROYED the Bucs last time on Thursday Night Football.
      The last bird team (Cardinals) sacrificed the 49ers on TNF.

      Nothing points to the Bucs, as I see it.

    3. The date numerology today synchs up nicely with Matt Ryan's birth numerology. Check this out.

      Matt Ryan's has 126 birth numerology. 126 is connected to 23 which is today's date numerology
      Twenty three = 55
      Fifty five = 108/54
      Fifty four = 126

      Matt Ryan's also has birth numerology of 45

      Forty five = 126/54
      Fifty four = 126

      Seems like Matt Ryan is set up for a big night

      Jameis Winston has birth numerology of 30. Also today's date numerology is 30. Didn't really find much for Winston past that.

  3. Zach if colts lose this week you think it's over?

    1. I know but remember last time they missed playoffs consecutive years was 97-98 and this is the 97 season of Nfl

  4. Zach... With each passing correct championship prediction, I fear for your life more and more. Be safe man. You're a great leader for this movement. I wish I had better ability to talk in front of a camera, or else I'd do it too. I feel like we're getting towards the tipping point. Eventually people are going to question everything if their precious sports are exposed year after year. I already had 3 people tell me that they're gonna take your work, and my findings more seriously after the Cubs win (sad that it took sports, right?). I can only imagine what a rigged Colts win would do.

    1. If the Colts and Giants/Vikings play in SB, this would have to go Viral!! Cuz the Cavs and Cubs were somewhat favorites going in, tho the Cavs were a big Dog, The colts /giants or Vikings would be amazing as they are big dogs going into season!! Denver was a great call, but this would Trump it..


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  7. Zach has laid a great foundation for a Colts SB appearance this year, & like most Gematria deciphered discoveries on F2FT - he will be Correct Again.

    What is lacking here is a Macro-View of the Colts Season. How many of you plotted out the Colts schedule projecting Wins & Losses? By the sound of the comments every week - I have to say none of you have done any real homework.

    The Colts will Lose to the Packers this week to go 3-6 - alot like 666 - NFL=66. But the Colts will still Win the Division. It will come down to the final week of the season for them.

    I don't want hate replies for my slightly different opinion, but instead encourage you guys to plot out the Win/Loss record for the Colts. Do it for the Texans & Titans too, & you will clearly see where I'm coming from. Plus it will be an immense help to ur week-to-week picks.

    Chat me up on Twitter anytime - @TheMaestro2x

    1. You gotta think all the money is on the packers perfect time for upset

    2. I called pack on the last (pagan)o story. I think colts could go 7 and 9 and win the division by tie breaker against conference foes.

      Everyone's on the Kool aid. I have notebooks full and excel sheets just on Patriots and Packers season alone... but everyone knows I picked them, and my full frontal can be seen on FTFT Sept 4th somewhere here.

  8. If the colts would have won against the Chiefs they would of went 4-4 the kill number. So maybe there was a reason they didn't win. I think they win against the packers

    1. That's exactly what I'm thinking

  9. On ABC there's news about a cubs fan waiting 32 years since 1984 to open a beer for when cubs won the series. Some key phrases during the clip written with gematria like. 'it smells like hell'=66

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  11. RFG is saying the Colts win against the packers this Sunday. He has them winning the next 5 games.

  12. Some of you are acting like the packers are world beaters. Anything can happen in this scripted sports world we live in. Even if they do lose, they're out of it in the sheeps mind, but not the truth seekers mind.

  13. Who you think wildfire packs or colts?