Thursday, November 3, 2016

43 57 69 71 91 93 94 147 | Theo Epstein's inherited teams, the Boston Red Sox & Chicago Cubs +His birthday 57-days after the World Series, December 29, 2016

Look truthseeker!

He inherited the Red Sox after 93 wins and 69 losses in 2003, 13-years ago?

Chicago Cubs = 91 (When you count 1 through 13, it totals 91)

Saturn = 93 (Keeper of time)
2016 season began April 3 (93rd day of year in most years)
Cubs clinched playoffs with 93rd win (First team in MLB to clinch)
Game 6, the Cubs won 9-3.  It came 93-days from the birthday of Jose Fernandez; Fernandez = 93

Massachusetts = 33/69/168

As for the 2012 Cubs he inherited, checkout the 71 wins and 91 losses.

Chicago Cubs = 91; Game Seven = 91

The Cubs just went to the World Series for the first time in 71-years, 1945 to 2016, and won for the first time in 108-years, not since 1908.

Major League = 108; 108 double stitches on a baseball; Willis Tower 108 stories tall

Willis Tower = 57; World Series = 57

And don't overlook the All-Stars, 7-1.

Also, let us not forget...

Major League Baseball = 162
MLB = 162 (English Gematria MLB = 27x6 = 162)
************162 game season in Major League Baseball

Notice that he went to Yale, home of Skull and Bones.  This win comes 57-days before his 43rd birthday, December 29, 1973.

He was born in '73, like the Sears / Willis Tower, that is 108-stories tall.

Remember, the Bush Dynasty used to own the Texas Rangers.  George H.W. Bush was the 43rd Vice President of the United States, his son was the 43rd President, and his other son Jeb, was the 43rd Governor of Florida.

Again, Yale is the home of Skull and Bones, that identifies by 322.  Go back and see my work on the Costal Carolina Chanticleers college World Series win, 2016.  There was some '223' and '322' going on...

Coast Carolina = 54; Chanticleers = 54; Baseball = 54
Coastal Carolina Chanticleers = 108 (Cubs 108-year drought, over)

Let us close with his birth numerology and name gematria.

12/29/1973 = 12+29+19+73 = 133
12/29/1973 = 12+29+(1+9+7+3) = 61 (18th prime) (Baseball = 18)
12/29/1973 = 1+2+2+9+1+9+7+3 = 34
12/29/73 = 12+29+73 = 114 (Cubs 114th win of the season, was Game 7)
12/29 = 12+29 = 41 (13th prime number)

His name gematria is the ultimate kicker.

Remember, this season began on April 3, the 94th day of 2016, a leap year, and the Cubs won their 94th game in their 147th game of the season.  Their World Series Game 7 win came 94-days after the death of Jose Fernandez.  Also, there was that piece about Papa Bear, who died 33-years ago, 94-days before his birthday.

Theo Nathaniel Epstein = 94/103 (Billygoat = 103) (Cubs won 103 games in regular season)

94 = 9+4 = 13
103 >>> 13

And again, recall how 'ninety-four' connects to 'World Series'.

Oh, and by no surprise, he is currently 42-years old.


  1. sweet call bro people say evil things about your work but fuck em you're number 1 and will be forever

  2. Zack. Like what exactly is Saturn? Like do they worship it and pray to it like religion or what, because too many times I heard stories of Saturn connecting to school, judges

    1. Saturn represents time and authority, and yes, it is worshipped by the gang.

  3. Chicago Cubs=91
    Cubs Win=91
    Detroit=91 (Cubs beat Detroit in 1908)
    Chicago Bears=91
    Vikings=91 (Bears beat Vikings on MNF Halloween)
    Asteroid=91 (End of time?)

  4. His wife ... Marie WHITNEY Epstein ... appears to be a member of The WHITNEY Family -- who is so connected to EVERYTHING that they have their OWN Wiki page -- with links to Over 50 family members with their own Wiki pages.

    For (literally) centuries the Whitney Family has dominated Horse Sports -- polo & Horse Racing in particular.
    Like the Epstein's ... Whitney heirs inherit their family's "Sports Figures".

    Saturday is the running of horse racing's ... The Breeder's Cup.
    The Breeder's Cup = TBC ... T= 20/2 , B= 2 , C= 3 ... TBC = 223 / 322

    Thought the connections above might be worth noting, since:

    (1) The 2016 KY Derby was clearly rigged -- 3 gray/silver (i.e. "pale") horses won the top 3 slots -- & that occurrence foreshadowed future events;

    (2) The 2016 (UK) Ascot Races were "marred" by the sudden (inexplicable) death of the Queen's horse -- "Guy Fawkes" -- a horse for which NO pedigree could be found online.

    (3) The Breeder's Cup is the top -- & final -- Jewel in Horse Racing's Crown.

    I'm always struck by the similarities between slavery & the way these wealthy families buy, trade & inherit Sports Figures. But ... people are okay with THAT.
    In point of fact, it's also no different from the way they run their Horse Farms.

    Considering the fact that so many ball players are 2nd & 3rd generations from the same family -- how could anyone NOT think that their OWNERS are literally breeding them? Breeding IS the "time-honored, most passionate 'hobby' of the aristocracy".

    A glance at the Whitney roster reveals their intermarriage with the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Harriman's et al. ... & British nobility as well.
    As I said -- "The Aristocracy" -- a Global distinction that Truly Knows No Borders.