Sunday, August 7, 2016

51 77 | Hall of Fame Game cancelled between Packers and Colts, August 7, 2016 because of "filed conditions"

Houston, do we have a problem?

8/7/2016 = 8+7+20+16 = 51 (Conspiracy = 51) (Houston Texans = 51)

Those numbers '5' and '1' make up 'Hall of Fame Game'.

In the history of the Hall of Fame Game, it has been cancelled twice, and both times on dates where it fell on August 7.  That was August 7, 2011, when the Bears and Rams were the teams.  Notice 2 of the last 6 have been canceled, and this cancelation comes 26-weeks to the day of Super Bowl 51.

What else stands out, is that the first Hall of Fame Game was played in by Frank Gifford, who died last year the day of the HoF Game.  Notice that game was played August 11, 1962.

Francis Newton Gifford = 118 (August 11, 11/8) (Death = 118)

I can't help but notice that first game played also summed to 42-points.

NYC = 42
Missouri = 42
Freemason = 42

Notice that in 1982, the Vikings defeated the Colts 14-30, a sum of '44', on August 7.

Super Bowl 51 is a date with '44' numerology.  2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

We have discovered a lot of predictive programming for Vikings and Colts Super Bowl.

In the film Oblivion it says the last Super Bowl will take place in 2017.  That movie is about post 'Armageddon'.

ALSO, It has been 304-days since the former coach of the Colts and Packers died, that was Lindy Infante who passed October 8, 2015.  Today's game was supposed to be Colts and Packers.

It is 62-days until the anniversary of his death.  Mason = 62

With 'field conditions' being the reasoning for the cancellation, that phrasing has a connection to 'Green Bay'.

Below are both teams preseason schedules.

The regular season begins in 35-days.  Lindy Infante died in a span of 305-days earlier.

The last time the game was canceled, August 7, 2011, the Giants won the following Super Bowl.


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  2. Based on the numerology of today's date, I wonder if this is foreshadowing a cancellation of SB51.

    1. Houston might have a problem!

      Foreshadow = 51

      Another word synonymous for prophecy.

    2. I don't buy into these "last Superbowl ever" predictions. Sports have been the ultimate distraction for the masses. No way they'd get rid of football.

    3. I agree legionary, they'll stand for at least another couple decades.

    4. Charles that's an interesting theory

    5. Couldn't it be BOTH? Because -- technically -- either this year or next COULD -- (when spoken about at a Later Date -- some time in the Future) -- perhaps be regarded as "The Last SUPER BOWL".

      However -- IF the GAME ITSELF is still around -- (though maybe somehow "different") -- THEN it would ALSO "Remain". (Which suddenly reminds me of the whole Brexit / "REMAIN" controversy ... Perhaps MANY "Unexpected Things" have already been designated for Big Changes in the near future -- things we just haven't heard about -- nor even yet considered.

      Remember too, that "Different" could mean anything from: A New Name; ... to New Ownership/Control; ... to New Regulations or Other Major Changes --(perhaps due to 'Safety Concerns' ??)

      When LOOKING INTO THE PAST -- even a Major Change In The Dress Code would APPEAR to be a Watershed Moment. (Could they be poised to ADMIT WOMEN -- or to make some other Major GENDER "ADJUSTMENT"??)

      When LOOKING FROM THE FUTURE ... BACK TO NOW -- (does that make sense to anyone besides me & Marty McFly?? Haha ... I sure hope so) -- then ALL "outcomes" are not only possible, but PROBABLE.

      We KNOW that EVERYTHING WE SEE has been elaborately scripted ... & we ALSO KNOW that every "Action" has been plotted out WELL in advance of it's occurrence ...

      So it only makes sense that "THOSE IN THE KNOW" would routinely mention things which THEY already know will DEFINITELY occur. They know with such certainty because It's In The Script ... & THEY'VE SEEN The Script.

      (Always remember too, that WE don't know how many Other Things may have been foreshadowed to us -- but we're unaware of them because Those Particular Events Never Happened. For whatever reason, a particular path was "Chosen" -- but the "Paths Untaken" STILL REMAIN ... Waiting To Be Used.

      So it seems like there would HAVE to be scads of these yet-unused "clues" imbedded all around us. The Elite did not obtain their power by limiting their OWN options. Therefore it stands to reason that they would've ALWAYS laid out many alternative paths -- Each One crafted to ensure that THEY will "REMAIN" in Complete Control of EVERY narrative & outcome.

      What I'm trying to say is that we're still locking ourselves within THEIR "Either / Or" paradigm. Perhaps we should think more about ALL POSSIBILITIES OCCURING IN CONJUNCTION WITH EACH OTHER ... to Expand Our Vision BEYOND This Current Timeline -- & Try Viewing Present-Day Events As Though We Were Looking Into The Past.

      After all, isn't that how "Those Who Know The Future" WOULD see everything that occurs in the Present? As though They Were Looking Back In Time? For THEM -- Wouldn't Today's Events already SEEM like Part Of "History"?

      Producing "evidence" of their OWN "Predictive Programming" is easy when everything they might possibly "need" has already been scattered (like "Apple Seeds" ...!) throughout every bit of THEIR major media "creations". It's The Big Con -- fed even to their own members. They use this APPARENT "Knowledge Of The Future" to convince EVERYONE that THEY "virtually possess" Supernatural Powers. In REALITY of course -- they are no different from "The Great OZ" ... just old men hiding behind Green Curtains (i.e. Green Screens" ...!) They've achieved dominance through FRIGHTENING People with Trickery & Intimidation ... & by CONFUSING EVERYONE -- partially by Presenting Us With "ALL" The Answers We Seek -- then (laughingly) Admonishing Us To "CHOOSE ONLY ONE" ...

      Geez -- I sure hope all of this makes sense to someone else out there ... it all sorta came out of left field -- so I just went with it. Makes sense though ... to me, anyway! Lol, lol! ;D :D

    6. I see what you mean. You could be on to something.

    7. Great post, it made sense to me. lol I agree with looking at all possible scenarios when decoding these headlines, no matter how farfetched they may seem at present. The Olympics and it being an election year, and possible inauguration before SB51, I was alluding to events that could be hinting at something beyond the sports world. As we've learned they like to link sports and world events to hint at what could be forthcoming.

    8. Whew! It was either a flash of insight or the Rabbit Hole was turning into a Black Hole, lol! (Perhaps it's actually a "Worm Hole" ... ?!? Thanks for saying you "got it" -- it can be a dicey thing nowdays to put to put "Deep Thoughts" out there (& our language constructs sure don't make 'em easy to express!).

      I just keep remembering how many things reference "Bending Time" ... & "Folding Points in Space ... so that Points A & C meet". (Even the robot on Futurama is named Bender!) Also explains why they're so intent on keeping people shoved tightly together & distracted -- less chance of having the masses alter their predetermined "future history". ;D :D

    9. Too much money to be made. Dont be an idiot

    10. Try rereading with your Thinking Cap on ... I NEVER said that ANY sport -- or related source of income -- would "End". In FACT I said that they WOULD CONTINUE -- but might do so with their "Definitions" altered.

      What was once "Pins" is now "Bowling" -- but it's still basically the Same Game. Our game of "POOL" is slightly different from original forms of "Snooker" & "Billiards" -- but it's still about tapping balls into holes on a table.

      Today's versions of Football & Basketball are different from their Original Form ... & all of the related "Associations" -- which developed over time -- were CREATED to transform SPORT Into BUSINESS.

      Didn't mean to go over your head -- keep trying though & maybe you'll get there.

    11. also, not sure if its gonna be all major league sports but I believe starting this season or next, jersey's will have corporate logos on them. that's an even a bigger fuck you to players. they're outright saying, "listen fuckers, we own you" and we're rubbing it in your fucking faces.

    12. Ec -- that IS a huge shift! I remember when they stared putting logos on the jockey's breeches in racing. Horse racing's always had it's corrupt side, but there was also a Respect For Tradition. That completely disappeared after the corporate logos came on strong. Same with the Races & Trophies -- no longer is any of it named for a person or place -- now it's "The YUM Trophy -- Corporate Sponsor of The KY Derby".

      Yep -- there WILL be major changes coming fast & hard once those logos are on their backs. Remind me again how Professional Sports is NOT "Modern Slavery"?? Thanks for the heads-up! ;D :D

    13. NBA is already on the path to corporate logos.

  3. Lol Aaron Rodgers wasn't playing !!

  4. The stadium where this is being played is also being renovated now thanks to an 11 Mil donation from saints owner Tom Benson. The stadium will be remained for him, interestingly the colts last played the saints in the super bowl and that year the saints advanced over the Vikings. Vikings and greenbay rivals of course. Brett Favre was being inducted and he played for the packers and Vikings.

  5. Another right pick....Knox wins the Travelers Championship...

    Who's taking the Olympics Golf Gold medal this week??

  6. Wow Zach!! You've surpassed even your own self! This info -- & that from all your recent posts & videos -- shows ever more definitively just how entertwined these sports numbers are with "Everything Else".

    Don't think I've seen this mentioned before -- but wanted you to know that your "Format" -- both in your blogs & videos -- is EXTREMELY effective. By interspersing your written insights with the actual "news" articles & reports, the Results are easy to see ... & it's easier to remember the "connections". Providing links to the "originals" is not only helpful, but also proves that -- on YOUR sites -- "ACCOUNTABILITY MATTERS". !!!

    Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you're doing ... & let you know how glad we ALL are ... because -- in spite of the hardships -- somehow you've managed to keep this blog going (which makes it a very real "Life Line" -- especially for those of us still being "shunned" by YouTube ... Lol!! ;D :D

  7. Here's something interesting gematria from the HOF game.

    "super Bowl fifty one " in the English Ordinal system equals 231 (19+21+16+5+18+0+2+15+23+12+0+6+9+6+20+25+0+15+14+5+0), which reduces to 6

    "super Bowl fifty one " in the English Reduction system equals 87 (1+3+7+5+9+0+2+6+5+3+0+6+9+6+2+7+0+6+5+5+0), which reduces to 15, which reduces to 6

    "Hall of fame game that wasn't " in the English Reduction system equals 87 (8+1+3+3+0+6+6+0+6+1+4+5+0+7+1+4+5+0+2+8+1+2+0+5+1+1+5+2+0), which reduces to 15, which reduces to 6

    "Hall of fame game that wasn't " in the English Ordinal system equals 231 (8+1+12+12+0+15+6+0+6+1+13+5+0+7+1+13+5+0+20+8+1+20+0+23+1+19+14+20+0), which reduces to 6

    1. Great connections!! The Numbers NEVER Lie!! ;D :D

  8. Could this have something to do with cashing in on "Economic Disaster Insurance"? Such as when a major event has to be cancelled due to weather or a "terrorist threat"? The Investors in EVERY Major Event have policies to Protect THEM from "Financial Loss" when such things occur ... in simplest terms it's a variation on what farmers call "Crop Insurance" -- & what High Finance calls Credit Default Protection. So if ticket sales were low anyway ...

    Besides, doesn't this possibility incorporate pretty much EVERYTHING the Masonic Mafia represents: Insurance Scams / "Protection" ie. Extortion / Build-Destroy-Rebuild (accurately depicted in "The Lego Movie")?

    I don't see why "Field Conditions" should have resulted in a complete cancellation -- perhaps a delay ... or moving to another site ... But Cancellation? That HAS to be Financially & Ritualustically motivated. (Though the "Altered History" of the future may eventually make a Fraudulent "Claim" that this Cancellation was Due To Terrorist Activity (i.e. they'll TELL people something like "A dirty bomb was on the premises -- but they couldn't reveal that to the public for fear of causing widespread panic" ... (or some other such nonsense). The people will be told whatever is needed to drive the agenda of the time -- & to cover up The Truth ... that The Insurance Payout for an Unexpected Cancellation was Larger than the the "Legitimate Profits" would have been.

    Just wondering ... ;D :D

  9. Final Point: was this "Cancellation Due To Bad Field Conditions" foreshadowed by the incident with Lamar Odom at the Nevada brothel? The brothel owner went by the name of "HOF" ... & Odom APPEARED to be "A Stiff" -- cold, "hardened" & lifeless ... & there was much media jabbering about How "Slick" Odom Was in hiding his "addictions" ...

    The fact that the ONLY other HOF cancellation occurred on the EXACT same date cannot be ignored ... & should not be shrugged off as either "IRONY" nor "Coincidence".

    IRONY = IRON + Y ... Iron-ey -- "LIKE IRON";
    Also Spanish/Italian/Latin = "Y" means AND ... "IRON AND ..."

    IRON = Periodic Symbol: "FE"


    Elite Billionaire Elon Musk -- supposedly the "Inspiration" behind "IRONMAN" -- claims HE will Lead The COMMON MAN Into "Space" ...

    PLATO divided ALL people into 3 Categories:

    1) GOLD -- The Ruling Elite;
    2) SILVER -- The "Soldier / Policing / Judicial" Class;

    3) ** IRON ** (or Bronze) -- The COMMON MAN -- 99% of The Masses ...

    He was "adamant" (Adamantium ...?) that EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN born into "IRON" should be Allowed Admittance into the "GOLD Class" (so that their innate talents could be utilized & CONTROLLED BY "THE GOLD") ...
    And -- he acknowledged that "Children Of The GOLD" sometimes were a "disappointment" & developed into "IRON MEN" (& should accordingly be "CASTE OUT" of the Golden Realms) ...

    But one thing PLATO claimed to be absolutely CERTAIN of was that The 3 Classes Must Always "REMAIN SEPARATE" -- NEVER Allowed to "Inter-Mix". He vowed that "Alchemical TRUTHS" bore witness to this "Wisdom".

    Little wonder that PLATO is so Highly Esteemed among The Golden Elite ...

    FE = IRON & "Flat Earth" = Denying Knowledge & Equality to COMMON MAN ... = The Grand Mocking ... ;D :D

  10. If you add up the left side Woodson/Favre and right side Bowman/Gurley you get 111
    Minnesota Vikings(111) lost their first ever SB to the Chiefs on 1/11.
    Add the jerseys up from left to right they total 151.

    1. That 151 jersey total is quite interesting because 151 is the 36th prime number. Super Bowl 51 is on Feb 5th, the 36th day of the year.

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