Sunday, August 7, 2016

51 77 | Hall of Fame Game cancelled between Packers and Colts, August 7, 2016 because of "filed conditions"

Houston, do we have a problem?

8/7/2016 = 8+7+20+16 = 51 (Conspiracy = 51) (Houston Texans = 51)

Those numbers '5' and '1' make up 'Hall of Fame Game'.

In the history of the Hall of Fame Game, it has been cancelled twice, and both times on dates where it fell on August 7.  That was August 7, 2011, when the Bears and Rams were the teams.  Notice 2 of the last 6 have been canceled, and this cancelation comes 26-weeks to the day of Super Bowl 51.

What else stands out, is that the first Hall of Fame Game was played in by Frank Gifford, who died last year the day of the HoF Game.  Notice that game was played August 11, 1962.

Francis Newton Gifford = 118 (August 11, 11/8) (Death = 118)

I can't help but notice that first game played also summed to 42-points.

NYC = 42
Missouri = 42
Freemason = 42

Notice that in 1982, the Vikings defeated the Colts 14-30, a sum of '44', on August 7.

Super Bowl 51 is a date with '44' numerology.  2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

We have discovered a lot of predictive programming for Vikings and Colts Super Bowl.

In the film Oblivion it says the last Super Bowl will take place in 2017.  That movie is about post 'Armageddon'.

ALSO, It has been 304-days since the former coach of the Colts and Packers died, that was Lindy Infante who passed October 8, 2015.  Today's game was supposed to be Colts and Packers.

It is 62-days until the anniversary of his death.  Mason = 62

With 'field conditions' being the reasoning for the cancellation, that phrasing has a connection to 'Green Bay'.

Below are both teams preseason schedules.

The regular season begins in 35-days.  Lindy Infante died in a span of 305-days earlier.

The last time the game was canceled, August 7, 2011, the Giants won the following Super Bowl.