Sunday, August 7, 2016

112 | NFL TV showcases Luck and Peterson jersey for Hall of Fame Game presentation

Right in the center, Vikings and Colts!

Peterson = 112
Bridgewater = 112
Andrew Luck = 112
Horseshoe = 112

Houston = 112 (Hosting Super Bowl 51)

And just in case the Vikings are a decoy, the last time after the Hall of Fame game was cancelled, the Giants won Super Bowl 46.


  1. Zach do you think this confirms a vikings-giants nfc championship game??

  2. Either ESPN is making fun of us, or those Luck/Peterson Jersey's are a Direct Clue - Take It. And another great find in a long series of great finds on this subject by Zach.

    If we add up the remaining Jersey's in the pic 4+53+30 =87. Super Bowl Fifty One =87. In Total that TV Set is Designed to say " Colts/Vikings Super Bowl Fifty One."

    Thats what it says. Only F2FT minded people can read it. And maybe that Rams Jersey isn't might be #80, but it "looks" like 30, & thats what matters.

    Where's Jmontz? For those who don't know he killed on the Travelers Champ / PGA call of Russell Knox. Man, you gotta check my Twitter, & DM me... @TheMaestro2x

    1. Maybe a Clinton tribby too. Clinton = 87

    2. It is 30 bro it's todd Gurley jersey

    3. The jerseys obviously look strategically placed, with clues for both the Super Bowl and the election. Favre's #4, all alone over there for a reason.

      4...+28+12=44 (44th person to be president)
      4...+53+30=87 (Clinton)

      Obviously with the Vikings and Colts being front and center too. Man, they really like just putting it right in our faces. They get off on 99% of sports fans just being dumb as shit, not seeing what's right in plain sight!

    4. Super Bowl Fifty-One = 87....
      The Hall of Fame Game got cancelled on 8/7... 2016... a date with numerology of 51... in the year of Super Bowl 51?
      8+7+20+16 = 51

    5. Where did jmontz commented on?

    6. Im right here guys haha!

      Interesting stuff, im seeing alot of super bowl stuff on here but not much for the world series?

      I dont have a clue about either sports as im from the UK so dont really follow them. I'll do some work closer to the time on the world series - Whos everyones pick so far? Zach was originally with Cubs v Astro's still holding true?

      I've done some work on the Super Cup final on Tuesday night between real madrid and Sevilla. I need to look more extensivly tomorrow but im leaning towards sevilla at good odds. Infact a lot lines up for them - If im more confident tomorrow ill put the pick up with some numbers to go with it if i get time.

    7. They like to hide things in plain sight good one zach for seeing this most sheeple will never spot this

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    9. Hey jmontz I was wondering where I seen the 46 birth numerology connection of mourinho & Knox, that was beautiful! Lol
      I'm from UK also and don't understand much about US sports I'll keep my eye out for your football posts (Sevilla look good, also afew of madrids top players will be missing)

    10. It was actually 43 not 46 haha. I ended up backing real Madrid for this as it was zidanes 41st win in the 41st super cup amongst other connections linking the the 53 date numerology.

      Sorry i didn't get a chance to post - Keep an eye out but i tend to only back when it gets to major cup finals or tournaments. Individual league games tend not to follow a specific pattern but lay the seeds for future big events.

      Keep an eye out on my UFC predictions - I've not been wrong yet and there probably the easiest bouts to decode especially when theres a title fight.

  3. Hey Zach.. keep an eye on news. I live in Harrisburg pa.. "the war zone" as trump calls it. Lmao.. but there was a police shooting a few blocks away from me. Abc27 news has it breaking right now. That's my local station. Maybe it makes national news. Idk.



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  5. AP was out two years ago for disciplining his son. Maybe the real reason was that he is going to the Super Bowl. Like the reason Brady and Peyton faked injuries out for the year.

  6. This reminds me of okc for the nba this past year. mad coverage commercials hints and clues yet they lose in the cf. my gut says giants beat em in champ game

  7. This fable had some 51's.

    Terry Zeigler=1291/1008/168 (Slide was 168 ft) New York City=1008 10 years old, 10=X. The book of Revelation=1291

    KCKPD Chief=118/456/76 (7×6=42) (456+654=1110) Death=118

    KC hat=16. Sixteen=96 Freemason=96
    K=11 C=3 (11×3=33) Holocaust=33

    "apparent accident"=512/900/150. Drop 0's.  5/1 is Mayday=69. 9: Nine=42

    "An apparent accident death investigation."=1831/2202. Drop 0, 222. 222+222=444. 444+444=888. 888+888=1776

    "We are saddened to share that a young boy died on Verruckt this afternoon,"=701 (701+107=808) 808 all possible ways added, 808+880+088=1776.

    "Given that safety is our first priority, we have closed our Kansas City park and we have closed the ride pending a full investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time."=2047 (2×4×7=48) Hoax=48.  2047: 20-Four/7 (24/7 is an Kronos time play on words)

    "Young boy dies on water slide at Schlitterbahn, family's pastor issues a statement."=5100 (5/1) Mayday=69

    "We honestly don't know what's happened."=402 (42) 42+(4×2)=50. 50=L, L=12, 1+2=3, Three=336, 336+633=969 (9.69)

    "That's why ... a full investigation is necessary. We have to understand what's happened"=296 (2+9+6=17) Kill=17

    "The center of his world."=227. 22÷7=3.14 (Pi) First 144 added in Pi = 666.

    "Outside party,"=1038. Drop 0. 138+831=969.

    Verruckt=708/118 Death=118
    Date was Aug 7, 7/8 of 8/7 (8×7=56)

    Schlitterbahn=834. 8×3×4=96. Freemason=96

    168-foot-tall water slide that has 264 stairs. 168+264=432 (432+234=666)
    54 inches: 5×4=20. 20=XX. 5+4=9 Nine=42.

    FOX=666  Ref:

  8. they hide it in plain sight smh