Monday, November 14, 2016

59 95 | 'Knife fight', CNN story on Trump's cabinet being marked by infighting, November 14, 2016


  1. I heard he's considering radio host Laura Ingraham as the White House Press Secretary

    Ingraham = 44 and 71

  2. He has all of the neo-cons taking over

    John Bolton = 44
    Sessions = 119, 47

  3. Quite fascinating Gematria (Analysis) of the Death of Rock 'n' Roll's star Leon Russell, who died in Nashville at age of 74:

  4. "Knife Fight as Trump Builds Cabinet"

    From what I have studied about NLP I would say this headline is designed to connect/link/equate Trump with Jesus the Carpenter.

    Keywords: build, knife (carpenter tool) cabinet
    Fight = the back and forth exchange between the tools and the wood as the carpenter builds

    NLP is all about programming the subconcious which thinks more in terms of numbers, colors, and associations than the conciousness mind does. Fascinating stuff.

    1. In a stereotypical racist way, knife fight makes me think of Mexico.

      A Mexican Knife Fight is when two people tie or tape their left hands together in a handshake then fight to the death with knives in their rights. So you see the joke?

      The left is all tied up or taken hostage while the right tries to kill each other.

      And the way he is changing policy already, he seems more like a

      Switch Blade=106