Tuesday, November 15, 2016

22 30 33 51 86 88 | ESPN article on Giants former receiver Bobby Johnson against the Vikings, 1986


Bobby Johnson = 51 (Super Bowl 51 upcoming)

Bobby Johnson wore #88.  New York, 88, do I need to elaborate after the 58th Presidential Election of all-time?  Oh by the way, it has been 58-years since 'The Greatest Game Ever Played' between the Giants and Colts.

Notice the other deets in the story.  The team from NYC won 22-20.  22+20 = 42; NYC = 42

You also have to like the mention of the 33-yard field goal.  These days, that's just an extra point!

Anyway, I see this as the latest clue of a Giants and Vikings Super Bowl.  Moss and Beckham, before MNF, November 14, exchanging the Vikings and Giants jerseys, that was another big one.  This article was written the same day as that Monday Night Football moment.

Last point, 1986 was 30-years ago.  Saturn = 21/30/93


  1. Giants getting the 83rd overall home win for the NFL season this year, 83 days before Super bowl 51!!

    Football = 83
    Week Ten = 83
    Bye Week Seven = 51

    Overall Home win/loss ratio is 83-62-2 for the season going into week 11, bye week 8

    1. Great work. *He is saying Giants were the 83rd team to win at home in this 2016-17 season.

  2. Except that it can't be a Vikings/Giants SB.

    1. I think he ment NFC Final you get the point

    2. Not dogging him in a way, relax buddy, there is a big difference there. Giants have done this before but I don't see Minny hanging in long enough to get reinforcements back. Conference Championship is the correct term.

  3. Lookin more like the Giants in SB, The Vikings just have no exciting players, whereas Eli and Beckham alone make it entertaining

  4. Let me help you guys out.
    The Giants won the SB in 08,12
    4 years apart that's 44 and if they go again
    In 16 that's 444.
    They've played the Pats twice eli is 2-0
    The greatest game ever was with the BALTIMORE Colts not Indy. The Giants played
    Ravens and lost January 19th 2001 15 years ago. 15/51 I guess. The total score was 41 points and I imagine that's where Zack gets Indy from SB 41. The 19th is a lot like 91 same number of Will Smith who is from New York and played for the saints Eli's home town.
    Jamie Collins Pats 91 from Mississippi same state Eli went to college was traded to the Browns (who became the Ravens) art model moved the team in 1995 on 11/6. Collins now wears #51 like SB 51?
    Belichik is tied to 3 teams Giants/Browns/ Baltimore Colts
    His first job was at the age of 23 with the colts under Ted Marchibroda. They were 10-4 and started that season losing 4 games out 5. Then won 9 straight to tie dolphins but were 2-0 vs Dolphins head to head they lost to the steelers in the playoffs 28-10=38

  5. Belichik was gone in 1995 same year the Browns moved.

    The NFL is about Brady and belichik going for immortality chasing Montana , Walsh , Lombardi
    Don shulas undefeated record.
    Patriots are 6-1 favorites like 16 or like Frank Gifford #16
    Belichik is 64/46 reflection
    He's from Tenn same place Peyton played CFB.
    7 quarter backs from the state of Louisiana have played in the SB. So yeah Manning is probably going again.

  6. Now if someone said

    Chuck Pagano is tied to the Browns / Ravens and colts and has 41 career wins in the regular season. 3-3 in playoffs and 44 total career wins as H.C. I can see the excitement for the numerologist.
    The fact is Luck was born in DC not good for SB quarterbacks.
    He went to H.S in Houston and the only Connection to the Super Bowl would be that Montana beat the Dolphins at Stanford stadium
    But he's from Pennsylvania.

    7 rookie coaches have gone to the Super Bowl
    4 have won. Macadoo could be number 5 for the Giants 5th super bowl win.

    Giants are 4-5 like President in Super Bowls

    Going for 5-6 like Lawrence Taylor #56 who had a DUI this summer.

    Giants are 91 years old like Will smith #91

  7. Zack your Giants pick is a good one!

    Colts or Vikings I'm not sold on yet again!


    1. Harry butts You are an idiot you change your picks like everyday