Tuesday, November 15, 2016

22 30 33 51 86 88 | ESPN article on Giants former receiver Bobby Johnson against the Vikings, 1986


Bobby Johnson = 51 (Super Bowl 51 upcoming)

Bobby Johnson wore #88.  New York, 88, do I need to elaborate after the 58th Presidential Election of all-time?  Oh by the way, it has been 58-years since 'The Greatest Game Ever Played' between the Giants and Colts.

Notice the other deets in the story.  The team from NYC won 22-20.  22+20 = 42; NYC = 42

You also have to like the mention of the 33-yard field goal.  These days, that's just an extra point!

Anyway, I see this as the latest clue of a Giants and Vikings Super Bowl.  Moss and Beckham, before MNF, November 14, exchanging the Vikings and Giants jerseys, that was another big one.  This article was written the same day as that Monday Night Football moment.

Last point, 1986 was 30-years ago.  Saturn = 21/30/93