Thursday, December 8, 2016

36 | Len Pozner, Sandy Hook parent, is leading effort to take down online content calling Sandy Hook a hoax, December 8, 2016 news

Here we go, with the #pizzagate psy-op in full swing, the media and authorities are ready to go after the people who have exposed the Sandy Hook school shooting for what it is, including myself.  I'm sure YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are just another censorship merger away from taking down the truththful content online, exposing the lies of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The date of this story, connects to the word 'chills' as emphasized.  You'll notice in the article, the word of emphasis is 'hoaxers'.

12/8/16 = 12+8+16 = 36 (Hoaxers = 36)
Chills = 27/36/63 (When you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016) (Sandy =18/27/63)

This story is coming up as the four year anniversary of the "attack" approaches, which will be December 14, 2016.

12/14/2016 = 12+14+20+16 = 62
12/14/2016 = 12+14+(2+0+1+6) = 35
12/14/2016 = 1+2+1+4+2+0+1+6 = 17
12/14/16 = 12+14+16 = 42

Hoaxers = 36/45/90  (Ninety = 33) (Newtown = 33) (False Flag = 33) (Sixteen = 33)

Reportedly, 16 children were killed in the Sandy Hook shooting hoax.

The name Len Pozner, likely an actor agent name, connects to 'shooting'.

Len Pozner = 53 (Shooting = 53); Pozner = 40; Sandy Hook = 40; United States = 40

HONR = 28/55 (Satan = 55)
Adam Lanza = 28/55
LP = 10/28 (Len Pozner, LP)

"Taking down wrongful content and sharing the truth with others is what he focuses on."

And notice how this lying coward has to hide.  What a shameful piece of shit he is.


  1. Where's the smiling, grinning Robbie Parker?

    1. You're Damn right. Fake Fake Fake And the coroner. What joke.

    2. Robbie = 33
      Parker = 33
      Newtown = 33
      False Flag = 33

  2. Yeah I saw a story some woman in Florida was arrested for saying she was going to kill one of the alleged parents, I was laughing lol. She was dumb for phrasing it as she did, have to be smart with your words nowadays or the thought police come knocking. Anyone who saw the father laughing right before the interview knows sandy hook is fake, you don't even need the gematria for that one, grieving dad laughs then has to get into character, should've invested more in their budget for that scene.

    1. You seriously need to go fuck yourself. Please put iron filings in the lube first.

    2. Where'd you come from? People on this Blog aren't going to change their minds because some random dude comes in and starts cussing and name-calling. It's too transparent.

  3. man, stuff pops out for me now... i saw over the top and i went, hmm...
    Over The Top in Simple Gematria Equals: 144
    if you don't know 144, you haven't been here long...
    but with respect, and as much as i don't believe that some 100 lb kid had 100 lbs of weapons on him... or whatever the ridiculous story is... with the 223 bushmaster...
    those kids are dead as fuck... that was a ritual sacrifice... its been going on for thousands of years... its their religion...

  4. check out he ID s the actors including all the children who are alive and well...

    1. stay away from WellAware1, disinfo agent

    2. and i am? really? hahahaha... see it never changes... and you give yourself away because you HAVE to...
      i am is just another name for saturn...
      yahweh, who is saturn, told moses that was his name...
      sooo.. either you didnt know or you are part of the problem... you know now... so change your saturnian name of gtfo...

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  5. I live in CT , 2 towns over, and this SH hoax really bothers me...Tho many people are aware its a hoax, the spoken and unspoken rule is not to talk about it, especially those with city/state jobs, as u lose that and pension if mentioned....this was info I got from a fireman in adjacent town, ....well the firemans wife, my cousin, as the fireman simply act like they never heard of the conspiracy.

    1. Commerce, it's all about the money!!

    2. But the sheep say it's impossible to keep such a vast conspiracy under wraps. Totally clueless of who owns the media.

    3. I live two towns over as well, and everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who "disappeared". Though I wouldn't put it past them to get rid of a few real people, since no one I know ever says they knew the Parkers or Pozners or any of the other agents we see on television.

      I got into it with a cop who went to high school with that Roig bitch, who is a terrible actor if I've ever seen one.

    4. I live in CT also, the Sandy Hook/ Newtown is a Masonic hive, including a State Police barracks in nearby Southbury Trooper A. 5mins away

    5. People just believe it because it was on really doesn't matter whether they knew anyone, saw anything or whatever. Everyone around them goes along with it so they do as well. They don't call them sheeple for nothing! I live near that face Macy's shooting and everyone here believe's it happened...even though we have no proof whatsoever, no funerals, no signs of anything happening in the Macy's. It's makes no sense. It is just like, oh well...we saw it on the news, we know it happened, end of story. It is enough to make you feel crazy...but I know I'm not's everyone else. Truly!

  6. call these people what they are
    and they come from a dead universe - it helps to understand who the real enemy is

  7. Zach, do you think professor griff is a shill/agent?

    1. 100% shill/agent. Gives half truths like Alex '33' Jones.

    2. When you learn gematria from Zach you will get answers to your own questions. Professor Griff's real name is Richard Griffin, he is 56 yrs old and is "Controlled Opposition".
      "Washington, DC" in the English Reduction system equals 56

      "Professor Griff" in English Gematria equals 699
      (this is really 666)
      "Gov't Agent" in English Sumerian system equals 666
      "Shill" in the English Gematria system equals 177
      "Professor Griff" in English Ordinal equals 177
      "Richard Griffin" in English Ordinal equals 130
      "Washington" in English Ordinal equals 130
      Born on 8/1/1960 and it equals 88
      "Masonic Agent" in English Reduction equals 49
      "Griff" in English Ordinal equals 46