Thursday, December 8, 2016

58 | United States about to endure 'polar vortex', below freezing temperatures across the country

Polar Vortex = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

The last time I saw reporting on a polar vortex for the nation, was November 2014, and it did get very cold.  The 'polar vortex' was underway when my home was ripped off, November 15, 2014.


  1. The Southeast has had the craziest fucking weather this year; dry for months, 90 degree weather for 100+ days almost all the way into October, fires everywhere, 20 degree swings now every other day, making everyone sick. No doubt HAARP is involved, this shit is crazy. Every week we have a two or three day stretch of high 60s, followed by lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s.

    1. It is nuts. Today we won't get out of the 30s in Hall. Going to be alot of falling trees when the freezes come. The wood is already so.brittle.

    2. The HAARP Project is considered to be weather warfare.

      "Freemasonry" in English Reduction equals (5)8
      "Secret Society" in English Reduction equals (5)8
      "Saturn " in English Sumerian equals 558

      "US Military Defense Program" in Eng.Sumerian equals (17)58
      "Weather Warfare" in the English Reduction system equals 71

      "President Donald J Trump" in English Ordinal equals (2)58
      "Psychological Operation" in English Ordinal equals (2)58
      "Martial Law Agenda" in the English Sumerian equals 85(2)
      "Electromagnetic Warfare" in English Ordinal equals 222

  2. I don't mind it. NYC has had a very very sickeningly humid summer and fall (likely due to the shit they spray in the sky, which just stays there - chemtrails). Bring it on.