Thursday, December 8, 2016

Jeremy White NFL cheat sheet +Super Bowl 51 research (BOOKMARK THIS)

NFL Reference Sheet:
Giant: Oil, Colts, and Texas (1956 movie with James Dean): 
Super Moon - 
Klay Thompson scores 60 points against the Indiana Pacers:
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Jeremy's blog is here:


  1. I urge people to check out his blog!! great info.....seems if u dont have a youtube channel and nobody cares

  2. Guys...I have a script that gives the gematria and birth numerology for every NFL player every week. You'll get the number their name sums to in each gematria, as well as the days from birth date to game date, years/months/weeks, all in about a minute.

    Where can I e-mail this thing to so you guys can keep manual lookups from sucking up all your time? Zach expressed a lot of interest on TFR this week but I've yet to hear from him. Let's get this shit going

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    2. Initial export:

  3. Can't find the general nba thread. Is it still up?. I want to thank the man that did the Michael Jordan decode for bulls to upset spurs ?! Thankyou I'm still lookin for ya but I rarely can find em after 24 hrs.