Friday, December 9, 2016

71 74 | Admiral Harry Harris "burns" Colin Kaepernick, December 8, 2016

Nice word choice CNN.

Burns = 74 (Masonic) (Jewish)
Colin Kaepernick = 74

Notice the Admiral's name, Harry Haris, or HH, like Heil Hitler.

Harry Harris = 71 (71-years sine World War II)


  1. Interesting, anyway see this because we talk about Rigged Games:

    One of the MAIN Europea League Games in Europe totally rigged in Favor of the "away team" - excellent Gematria too: what a SHAME this game was!

  2. "In a since deleted Twitter and Facebook post --"
    We're seeing more of this phrase -- soon it'll be so common that readers won't even notice it -- just like "according to an anonymous source".

    Layers of false "evidence" -- supporting their false narratives.
    And people never questioning ANY of it.

    Never asking -- Where are the sources?
    REAL sources that can be VERIFIED & Fact-Checked.
    Those are non-existent anymore.

    If you can find a paper from before the 80's or 90's -- you'll immediately see what a HUGE difference there is in what's considered "reporting".
    Who, What, When, Why, Where & How -- those USED to be the strict guidelines of reporting.

    Whenever people see these Cover Phrases about Deleted Posts & Anonymous Sources -- they need to realize they're being LIED TO -- from beginning to end!

    "SINCE DELETED" = (J) -- 290 .., (E) -- 630 ... (P) -- 105 / 51

  3. Admiral Harry Hair-whiz, what a crowd pleaser! Another sell-out scumbag paying 'tribute' to those slaughtered for banker assholes. Fuck you, hair-whiz!