Monday, December 5, 2016

December 4, 2016, Austria and Italy vote to remain in European Union

Unlike Brexit, the outcome here is a message of "remain".  And in time, in the U.K., the message will be "join again", and eventually for all nations, the message will be "one", as in join the one world government.

From June 23, 2016, the Brexit vote, to December 4, 2016, is 164-days, or a span of 165.


  1. THE Euro will continue to slide vs. the dollar towards parity...

    OFF Topic: Our NBA Pick for tonight (we won 12 straight Picks):

    1. Let me guess. Spurs on some fake line nobody can get that pays 20%???

  2. Why are you saying Italy voted to remain in the EU? This vote had nothing to do with that. It was about granting more power to the executive branch.