Monday, December 5, 2016

33 46 49 58 67 71 | Derick Almena, being blamed as chief suspect in Oakland fire of December 2, 2016

Let us begin with the gematria of 'Ghost Ship', it also connects to 'Warriors', who this fire was largely a tribute for, as well as the hometown football team.

Ghost = 24/33/69; Ship = 25/34/52; Ghost Ship = 49/67/121

Arson = 67; Bill Joel is 67; "We didn't start the fire"

Recall, the surviving DJ from Oakland was "Joel" Shanahan, and the page of "Joel" was found at Dollywood in Tennessee after the wildfire, the same night Dolly Parton was singing 'Jolene' on 'The Voice'.

Derick Ion Almena, age 46, eh?  That's a strange way to spell Derick.

Derick = 32/41/50
Ion = 20/38 (Fire = 38) (Raiders = 38) (Warriors were 16-3 at time of fire; 163 is the 38th prime)
Almena = 19/46 (His age is 46) (Chaos = 46)
Derick Ion Almena = 71/80/134
Derick Almena = 51/60/96 (Freemason = 42/51/96)

Notice here is name is spelled different, this time connecting to 'Oakland', 'Warriors' and 'Ghost Ship'.

Oakland = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58
Warriors = 121; Revelation = 121; Ghost Ship = 121

A temple?  Was it a masonic temple?  Temple = 71 (Derick Ion Almena = 71)

Torches?  Burning Man-style?

Look at all of this clever bullshit.

The fact of the matter the fire was set on purpose.

Notice he named the place that burned 'Satya Yuga', after the golden age marked by knowledge, meditation, repentance and good deeds.  Of course, this fire is synched with 'Golden Dawn' and the 'Golden State Warriors'.

Satya Yuga = 30/39/120


  1. All this Joel focus reminds me of the TV show Northern exposure that was on in the 90's, the main character was named Joel. The reason I bring this up is because the rapper known as Bon Iver took his name from a show in the 5th season. Bon Iver recently put out a song called "33 God" the video is littered with freemasonry symbolism and the lyrics make virtually no sense. Also, I can't stand the way this fucker sings... You can't even really call it music. Anyway, Bon Iver is French for good winter.
    Good Winter =58, 130.
    Here's a link to this Muzac video

    1. Bon Iver also equals 85, the reflection of 58 as in good winter... Connecting more to basketball.

    2. I saw that album while back in one the lads house. First thing noticed was the 777 in a triangle/pyramid I think it was, on the cover. Lot of usual suspect symbols on his cover. All the track titles too if I remember are pretty crypic involving numbers. Anyway, Just instantly thought of Crowley & Thelema. Crowley's book 777 & his 'Magick', appear to have been a big influence with 'Order Of The Golden Dawn'.. Class stuff man.

    3. I was thinking "Aleister & Thelema " as well.

      "Thelema" in English Ordinal system equals 64
      "Ghost Ship" in English Reduction equals 49
      "Almena and Allison" English Gematria equals 462

    4. So many musicians seem to get into the Aleister Crowley stuff, Led Zeppelin being on of the most obvious. Jimmy page even bought Aleister Crowleys mansion and lives there. Red hot chili peppers breakthrough album was Blood sugar Sex Magik, Crowley had a book on sex Magik. Rick Reuben refused to produce the chili peppers before their guitarist Hillel Slovak died by the numbers... As a music man myself, it's very upsetting to see all these artist I like choosing a dark path. It almost seems like it's a qualification to be initiated into the esoteric dark arts before attaining rock star status, either that or they're born into it like Zach always talks about. Great work on the Bon Iver decode! All I had to see was that one video to know he was apart of this gang.

  2. Not related but I had to post this.
    I was just watching a Bulls/Raptors Game from 1998.
    It was on 3/22
    Jordan and Pippen combined for 66 points
    3x22= 66

    Jordan timed his last shot to win the game with exactly 6.6 seconds left. The ball literally leaves his fingers at 6.6 seconds (great timing to get that '66' in there!)
    The final score 100 to 102 100+102 = 202 on the day numerology of (22)

    1. Of course the Bulls won with 102 (The key of David) to go along with the 66th book (Revelation)

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    1. Zach this is supposed to be a Truth COMMUNITY. I have been here contributing for YEARS. You have shared a lot of my posts in the past........ You really need to show some kind of respect to your loyal followers who have helped out.

      The fact that you blew off the information and TRUTH that i was trying to say speaks volumes. You really need to check your ego and put a little more trust in your fellow man. This is supposed to be a "COMMUNITY"

      In case you forgot what that meant.

      1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

      synonyms: group, body, set, circle, clique, faction;

      2.a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals"

      Sorry, but this is starting to feel less and less like a community... and more like the "Zach show" who doesn't even trust his own followers.

      You should read your older posts.... you were a lot more humble than you are now.

      Seriously....... i've been here over 2 years helping out and sharing lot's of info.... i used to post here a lot and just recently took a break. But as soon as i try to correct, or share some personal truth, you don't even give me the time of day.... or even ask me anything.

      That is not how finding out the truth works Zach. If i ran this blog and some of my loyal followers tried to tell me something i would at least try to listen and give them the benefit of the doubt....... or at least look into more. Because we are obviously here for the same reason.

      Anyways, in case you "forgot" who i am..... here. i still had some posts bookmarked.

      I'm the person who told first mentioned Harambe, and told you about the cecil the lion connection.

      "B SavageMay 30, 2016 at 12:45 PM
      Hey zach, can you look into that Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla "Hombre" that was killed...... when a 3/4 year old fell into his cage.

      This story kind of reminded me about the cecil the lion event that happened.....

      And sure enough, from the date cecil the lion was shot, to yesterday 5/29 when the gorilla story broke...

      Is a span of 333 days.....

      I think there is more to these stories that meet the eye....

      The Gorilla was "17" ..... which has been a number popping up like crazy lately.....

      here is the recent CNN story...

      I even helped show the possibility of the Harambe/ cavaliers riddle.... which you can read my comment here:

    2. I made countless posts on the Cavaliers and on the nba finals.

      "B SavageMay 25, 2016 at 1:01 PM
      And why i think Lebron has 9 games left (until Victory)....

      Lebron James has currently played 987 Regular Season games...
      And 190 Playoff Game....

      987 + 190 = 1,1707

      Add 9 more games to that total = 1,186

      Cleveland Cavaliers = 168

      Game 6 of the Finals is on June 16th....

      June 16th is the 168th Day Of The Year....

      Leaving 198 Days Remaining.....
      (the reflection of 168)

      If Raptors and Cavs go 7 games.....
      (which i expect)

      Then that means game 6 of the finals will be Lebron's "1,186" Career game. (notice the "186")

      Which just so happens to land on the "168th" day of the year......
      And the possibility of the "Cleveland Cavaliers" = 168.......
      Winning the NBA Finals on that day.

      Cleveland in 6.....
      Looking good......"
      "B SavageMay 27, 2016 at 3:43 PM
      Here's some more "connections" for cleveland..

      If one series goes 6, and one series goes 7.....

      Then the Cavaliers will play a total of "21" Play off Games.

      New Coach took over "21" weeks before game 6 of finals.

      "Champions" = 588
      (5+8+8 = 21)

      "Championship" = 786 = 21

      "Broken Curse" = 786 = 21

      Now check this....

      "Cavs Win Finals" = 1909

      Cavaliers 21st play off game this year will be Lebron's "199th"

      "Championship" = 131

      "Broken Curse" = 131

      "Broken Curse" also = 565
      (5+6+5 = 16)(Game 6 will be played on the 16th)

      "Nba Finals" = 209

      "Cleveland Curse Broken" = 209

      "Cleveland wins NBA Finals" = 221

      "Cleveland wins game six" = 221

      Coach took over on 1/22....

      "Cavs Win Finals" = 912

      "Champions" = 291

      From the hire of new coach on 1/22 - 6/16 game 6 of finals...

      Is a span of "147" days.....

      147 days = 4 months, 26 days.... (426)

      "Cleveland Wins Nba Finals" = 2046
      (same numbers as above)


    3. Lol... ok ZACH. You deleted the rest of my comment 2 times now and i have screenshots...

      You are really starting to show your true colors.

  4. GHOST SHIPS are the FLOATING PRISONS run by the CIA -- & others -- where people who've been KIDNAPPED under "EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION" are taken.

    They remain in International waters & stay on the move -- out of the reach of ANY Legal Authority.
    These are NOT urban myths or conspiracy theories -- THEY DO EXIST.

    For a chilling read, look at the wiki page for Extraordinary Rendition. It (barely) mentions Floating Prisons ... (& is significant in it's silence).

    Interesting too is "former" CIA Bob Baer's quote (under "21st Century") -- where he says that "GHOST DETAINEES" are sent for:
    "Serious Interrogations" go to Jordan ...
    if ** TORTURE ** is the goal they're sent to ** SYRIA ** ...
    & if they want them to "Disappear Forever" they're sent to Egypt.
    (Noteworthy considering what they may ACTUALLY be HIDING with this CONTRIVED WAR WITH SYRIA.)

    The term "GHOST SHIP" is being used Deliberately -- I think it's a coded reference to something much bigger going on ... though we're not likely to know what that is.

    All of this other mumbo-jumbo is diversion. Clearly NO ONE actually died at the Oakland site. Carrying BUCKETS of ASH to look for DNA??

    Do people not realize how HOT it has to be -- & How LONG the fire has to burn -- to incinerate bodies to ASH?? Even in a Crematorium the process takes 12 - 24 HOURS ... burning the ENTIRE time at EXTREME HEAT.

    These ridiculous claims harken back to 9/11 -- & the fallacy that "DNA scientists" spent months panning through ash like gold-miners, searching for bone fragments. They claimed to "identify victims" -- but ONLY when there was a NEED to bring 9/11 back to the Headlines.

    GHOST SHIP = (J) -- 422 ... (E) -- 726 ... (Pythagorean) -- 121

    1. EXTREMELY HEAT seems to be the message right now. The headline on DM right now is: "Grim faced Ross Harris sentenced to life in prison without parole for leaving his 22 month old son Cooper to die in a hot car while he sexted other women"

      Looks like global warming really IS happening, just in a different way then we were taught to expect it.

      Oh those snickering Overlords. Always pointing us in the wrong direction. They have us zigging while they r zagging