Sunday, December 4, 2016

33 47 211 | Earl Thomas suffers potentially career ending injury, December 4, 2016, 211-days after his birthday, in 40-7 win over Panthers

This injury comes 211-days after Earl Thomas's 27th birthday.

211 is the 47th prime.

Again, Seattle is on the 47th parallel.

In this same game, the Seahawks won 40-7, for a sum of '47'.

Panthers = 38/47

The play Earl Thomas was injured in looks like it truly could be legitimate.  It is strange it comes 211-days after his birthday, in light of him being in Seattle, with the 40-7 win.

I'll remind you, when I first moved to Seattle, my address was 211 Valley St.

Anyhow, one last point on the score, the Seahawks won by 33.  Seahawks = 24/33/42/51/87


  1. I know this doesnt have to do with Seattle but at the end of the day today there are 5 teams with a 6-6 record. I think it only make sense that the colts win tomorrow and make it 6 teams with a 6-6 record. 666.

  2. The announcers showcased George Fant #74 during the game. They talked about how he played basketball in college and how he guards NFL players the they do in the NBA.
    "George Fant" in English Reduction equals 53
    "Seventy Four" in English Reduction equals 53
    "Offensive Tackle" in English Ordinal equals 153
    "Fant" in English Reduction equals 14
    "NFL" in English Reduction equals 14
    "Guarding Players" in English Ordinal equals 177
    "Panthers" in English Gematria equals 524
    "Seahawks" in English Reduction equals 24

  3. From May 7, 1989 to December 4, 2016 is 10,074 days if the end date is included.

  4. Cleats = 6, 36
    Chiefs looking good win with 57 total
    Their ceo clark hunt age 51.
    His father born on daye with 151 remaining the 36th prime like 2/5
    Hia father the oil tycoon (9/11) born 2/17. Like 2017. Died 11/29 the 333rd day
    His worth was 1/1474 of us gnp lmaooo

  5. They talkn bout eric berry crying lol
    #29. Born 12 29 the 363rd day
    James eric berry = 151 again the 36th prime. Born in atl the 33rd parallel

  6. Interesting that Thomas is from Orange,TX and attended the University of Texas (orange is their color). Marshawn Lynch was at last night's game wearing an orange jacket.

  7. I think even injuries tend to happen by the numbers because numerology is as real as anything. It's not just people who are causing these coincidences to happen - it's the people who know more about it than we do working in unison with the natural world.

    1. The game was scripted for the 40-7 win by the numbers (check what I wrote about 47 in the preview for it), but yes, I agree with what you're saying, and I think this injury might have been an organic one by the numbers.

    2. Yeah man there's something much bigger than us, and it's cool you acknowledge that wild stuff like this isn't always the intentional work of people. A 40-7 score can be scripted, and no doubt, it was. But I tend to wonder if this injury is actually the result of that tribute, you know? There's got to be a reason numerology is so ubiquitous other than for tributes and messaging. I really think it affects reality.

      A long ways I've come from simply acknowledging the news might be scripting some news

  8. Yesterday left 27 days remaining in the year.. how fitting.

  9. For some ritual I supposed,they didn't start cam newton ,they started Derek Anderson and he threw a pick on the first play and Seattle scored their first touchdown 1:37 seconds into the game..Al Michaels even point out how many min and sec came off the clock.33rd prime 137

    Derek Anderson born in the 33rd state Oregon
    Age 33
    Went to college at Oregon state .
    He was the 213th pick 213 is 1033 prime (133)

  10. When I saw the injury in real time, all I saw was him spinning around in the air and landing on his butt, so I thought it was totally fake. Then during replay I saw his leg collided with another player's leg. It didn't look that serious to me but who knows.

  11. Earl Thomas injury comes 211 days after birthday, also Earl Thomas equals 112. Now that Thomas has been ruled out for season maybe Seahawks miss out on SB51. What's ironic are the birthdays of Gronkowski(5/14/1989) and Thomas(5/7/1989) are seven days apart. Remember the collision they had with each other in week 11. Now they both had season ending injuries seven days apart. Gronkowski in week 12, Thomas week 13.