Sunday, April 2, 2017

47 64 66 85 | The first Men's Tournament with the name "March Madness", 1985 +When Villanova upset Georgetown

*Thank you bgrdchris for the newspaper copy below

1985, the first year the name 'March Madness' was used for the name of the NCAA Men's Tournament, which began in 1939, meaning 1985 was the 47th tournament.

First Super Bowl in 47th season of NFL
First NBA Championship in '47
Foundation = 47

It ended with Villanova upsetting Georgetown, Georgetown falling with '64' points, leaving Villanova the champion of the 64 original teams.

Notice the 64.

66 Books in most Bibles (Villanova, a Catholic School)

'Rupp Arena' was the right location for the 47th Tournament.

'85 was a year for big basketball news.

Villanova would with their second time in 2016, by the numbers.  That's 31-years post 1985.

Again, it's always been a script.