Tuesday, May 9, 2017

58 62 106 119 271 495 | Big Baller Brand and the pricing of the ZO2 sneakers at $495, May 5, 2017 news

Let us begin with 'Big Baller Brand' and the upcoming NBA Draft.

Notice how 'Big Baller' connects to 'Freemasonry'.

Even Big Baller Brand connects back to '58'.

Everywhere you turn, it is Freemasonry....

Also, just an additional observation, his oldest son, about to be a rookie in the NBA, was born October 27, the same day the city of Philadelphia was, which was the first city to win a basketball championship.  As we know, a lot of NBA riddles flow through Philadelphia.

Lonzo was most definitely born and bred to be, having a fitting name for the NBA's 82 game season.

The NBA Draft Lottery is May 16, 2017, and Philadelphia has a high chance of having the #1 overall selection.  I imagine whatever pick Philadelphia has, that is when Lonzo Ball will be taken.

5/16/2017 = 5+16+20+17 = 58

As for that price of $495... here are some thoughts.

Master Plan = 119; All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119

Authority = 106; Prophecy = 106; 106, big number in Philadelphia

Mason = 62