Friday, July 14, 2017

39 42 93 | The Birthday of the Solar Man, December 25, Pagan tradition +Jesus of Nazarath on the Crucifix

Pagan = 39; Wicca = 39; 39 Books in the Old Testament

Remember.... Adam lived for 930-years; Christianity = 930

*The passage above is courtesy of Manly P. Hall, who purposefully told his readers that Gematria in English was not relevant, and should only be practiced in Hebrew and Greek for meaning... he says that in the same book that he writes this about the Solar Man.

In other words, fuck Manly P. Hall for lying, but at the same time, thank you for the Solar Man reference.


Thinking deeper, Saturn = 93 and Saturn is the 6th planet.  Six is the number of a man.

Notice Manly P. Hall had his biggest audience in 1942.  That was Carnegie Hall.

Secret Destiny and United States have a lot in common, wouldn't you say?  See his book Secret Destiny of America for more information.