Tuesday, July 4, 2017

about bartley gerba video attacks through a long time reader, mad1dog +my response

*Also, I disagree about the teeth.  I've seen them in person.  His lower teeth are rotten.  They look like the teeth of a meth user.  Plus as he has admitted, he was arrested with meth on him, which he claims the police put on him.  It isn't past the police to do such things, but Bartley does have the mind, and teeth (they come in variations) of a user.

*Also also, I am trying to avoid this subject because to me it is just petty drama.  Ultimately, Bartley Gerba is someone I was nice to because they tried so hard to be a part of my life.  All I ever did was give the person my time and bought them a meal.  He is now accusing me of things he did, not I.  He had a live stream with another person I was wrong to promote in the past, and they were having a conversation about how I am a fool for having this gofundme and have a bad attitude.  I told Bartley he didn't need to contact me anymore, which caused him to meltdown and make the videos he is now making.  I wasn't even rude to him.

*Also, Also, also... don't forget there was about a 6 month stretch that Bartley would spam here almost everyday I was a shill.  That was after RussianVids said I was a shill.  So it isn't the first time he has been attacking me.