Sunday, July 16, 2017

24 26 33 42 | Khemet, the culture that created religion and the Pyramids / Sphinx before being renamed Egypt by the Greeks (Reader Contribution)

The difference between this person and myself is they claim to know things as historical fact, even dating back to 12,000 B.C.  While all of this might be true, I can't prove it, and I don't know how they could either.  Perhaps if they find more time they'll tell us.  I always caution, when it comes history, it is hard to know what is true and what isn't, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Here is a presentation of the same information the reader gave us:

Khemet or Kemet is the common spelling.

The word Khemit is also related, having numbers.

30, 33, 66, 96

Ancient = 42; Black Land = 24/33

Notice the overlap with Ancient Egyptian and Egypt, 73.