Friday, September 8, 2017

54 | 'Reincarnate' and the 'Sun', think about it.... +Good and Evil & Genesis 78

Sun = 54

Think about it....
Easter with the Spring Equinox...
Christmas with the beginning of the rise of the Sun...

The 72 names of God
World = 23+15+18+12+4 = 72

Geometry = 108 / 108

Free to Find Truth = 189

When I was a child, I thought I must have been an old wise man back from the dead.  I also speculated often they mixed me up at the hospital.  When I was in college my economics professors, two of them, both thought I would change the world.  When I was 22 my 80-some thing year old landlord who still kept up his apartment complex (yard, building, all of it) thought I was the second coming.  That's the short list.

Read my first post.  2013.  I said Weather Warfare was what people had to wake up to.  I fear for 5 years from then, that is 2018.

78th verse of Genesis... 3:22... knowing Good and Evil.

Genesis = 78
As Above So Below = 78
Scottish Rite = 78; Jesuit = 78