Friday, November 3, 2017

57 113 | The beard and height of the 29-year-old Manhattan attacker, October 31, 2017 +Tribute to 113th World Series

This is the "29-year-old" Manhattan attacker with the SS initials, where the hoax was part of the 113th World Series riddle...

First, think about the 'beards' of the 113th World Series.

Beards = 113

Second, notice his height, 5'7".

World Series = 57; Conspiracy = 57; Scottish Rite = 57

I think they photoshopped on the "Dallas Keuchel".... "the kikel".

Dallas = 113

*Then more emphasis on flags... ISIS flag in hospital, eh?  Reminds me of the June 30 New York hospital shooting hoax.  That was the day my second YouTube channel was taken down.  First, June 28, second, June 30.... now I'm on #9.  Funny they're letting me keep up #9 for an extended period of time...