Tuesday, January 9, 2018

6 13 41 98 99 | Nick Saban, Bill Belichick, & why Patriots might have to wait for Super Bowl 53 to get to 6th championship


Nick Saban won his 6th championship in Mercedes Benz Stadium to start 2018.  He was 66-years-old when he won number 6.

Next year Bill will be 66-years-old.  NFL = 66

If he doesn't win the Super Bowl this year, he could win #6 next year, in the same building Nick Saban won his 6th championship, Mercedes Benz Stadium.

That will be the year of the 99th season of the NFL.

New England = 99; Thirteen = 99; 13, the 6th prime
Tom Brady will be 41-years-old; 41, the 13th prime; Super Bowl = 41

New England Patriots = 98; Patriots = 98; Tom Brady = 98
Mercedez Benz Stadium = 98; Saban = 98

In light of how much is lining up for the Steelers for Super Bowl 52...

-Death of Dan Rooney
-Big Ben (clock) ritual
-Super Bowl 52 logo
-Super Bowl 52 motto "Bold North"
-Jesse James
-Justin Timberlake

The Patriots might have to wait until next year...

THAT SAID, don't write off the Patriots yet.  They still have alignment too.

SIX = 9+19+24 = 52

What I'm saying is if the Patriots don't take it this year, they're a LOCK next year.