Wednesday, July 11, 2018

27 | Croatia advances to 2018 World Cup championship in the 27th year of their nation's existence +France / Russia riddle

Croatia has been a nation for 27-years, part of the old Eastern Block which broke off from the USSR.

Ritual = 27; Soccer = 27; French = 27
Their greatest soccer honor 27-years-later
They will now face the French team.... French = 27 (Rev. Reduction)
7/11/2018 = 7+11+(2+0+1+8) = 27

Notice the tidbit about scoring their first World Cup goal in the 27th minute in France in '98.  That was their first World Cup appearance, and the year of their furthest advancement in the tournament before 2018.

Consider in 2018, 20-years later, they are playing in their first World Cup championship, against France.  Sounds like they couldn't' have scripted it any better, especially with the championship being in Russia.

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