Saturday, August 11, 2018

18 25 54 57 73 114 118 | Barry Bonds having his number 25 retired by the San Francisco Giants, August 11, 2018, 73-days before the 114th World Series

Want to know why Barry Bonds is having his jersey retired on August 11?

August 11 can be written 11/8, like 118.

The Giants are playing their 118th game today, they are 58-59 on the season coming into the game.

Freemasonry = 58 / 59
Masonic = 223; August 11 is the 223rd day of the year

And notice he is 54-years-old, and this tribute comes 18-days after his 54th birthday.

54 outs
61 in '61; 61, the 18th prime

Don't forget, 108-double stitches on a baseball... (108 and 18...)

This is the year of the 114th World Series.

They're retiring his number 73-days before the start of the 114th World Series.

The date is also right for the World Series tribute.

8/11/2018 = 8+11+20+18 = 57

Bonds was #25 for the Giants.

You have to love the Giants are playing the Pirates, Bonds old team as well.

The Giants can get their 34th home win against the Pirates.  Pirates = 34 (Reduction)
The Pirates can get their 61st win.  61, the 18th prime

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