Saturday, August 11, 2018

54 78 162 | Could the song Thug Luv by Bone and 2Pac be a riddle for the 114th World Series?

I am truly wondering if the song Thug Luv with Bone and 2Pac is a riddle for the 114th World Series...

Again, LeBron James just went from Cleveland to LA, like how 2Pac went from LA to Cleveland for the track Thug Luv.

The song Thug Luv is off the Bone album 'The Art of War'.

In light of this connecting to the 114th World Series, the discs on the same Bone album are titled World War I and World War II.  World War = 114

Read about LeBron going from Cleveland to LA 114-days before the 114th World Series:

That link also talks about the Cleveland National Forest Fire, outside of LA, 78-days before the start of the 114th World Series.

6x6x6 = 216

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