Monday, November 30, 2015

77 | Stephen Curry Breaks His Own NBA Record, Making 77 Three Pointers In November, 2015

Notice that Curry made 77 three pointers in the month of November.  There is no doubt this number was scripted.  This is the same amount of three pointers the media reported he made consecutively in practice last April.  Also, keep in mind, the interim coach, Luke Walton, his father won the NBA Finals in the year '77, while playing in the 33rd State.

Also, in the same game wear he set the record for three pointers in a month, his team went on to win with '106' points, the number of prophecy.  The Warriors now have 23 consecutive wins, dating back to April 9, 2015, last season.  Their streak began against the Blazers, that same team from the 33rd State.  Their 33rd win in a row, should it come, will be Christmas Day against LeBron.