Wednesday, November 25, 2015

144 | Obama Announces 144 Major Federal Regulations, November 24, 2015

I don't have to go over the significance of this number again do I?

All of these terms have to do with major political assassinations.

The first President to die in office and Martin Luther King Jr., died on April 4th.

JFK was the 44th Term President, and died on the first day of Sagittarius.  His brother, RFK, would die at 1:44 AM, June 6, 1968, months after MLK.

Malcolm X died on a date with a life lesson number of '44' and his assassin received 44-years in prison.  MLK's assassin would die on a date with numerology of 144.

Abraham has a Gematria of 44 and Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, not long before his death.

The number 44 often shows up around assassination, dating back to Caesar, who died in 44 BC.

In this regard, it seems curious that Obama made '144' big changes before Thanksgiving.


  1. Hi Zachary. Love the work you do. This is my first comment, I'm still trying to get my head around all the numbers. This is off topic but if you get a chance please can you look at the numbers for Lewis Hamilton F1 World champion? He tweeted a pic of a huge number 44 being erected at the Saudi Grand Prix this weekend. His car number is also 44. His team Mercedes Benz also are on a total of 44 wins atm. It just gave me chills. Some kind of 'event' might be just what the elites want to justify taking things further abroad, if you know what I mean. Hope you don't mind me posting this here, I've had trouble messaging you. Thanks.

  2. One to consider for your Blog perhaps? Take a look at Bill Cosby, he runs a charity called "Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation". He does shows and walks around town in a hoodie emblazoned with "Hello Friend". "Hello Friend"=648,108,63 and 247 in Jewish Gematria, just like "Criminal Gang" sums to in all 4 types of Gematria. Is he trying to say something about the Murder of his Son and his current predicament?

  3. One-Hundred Million = 6+5+5+8+3+5+4+9+5+4+4+9+3+3+9+6+5 = 93

    Do you see the '44' and '9339' combo?

    Recall that Obama is the 44th president.

    United States of America = 93 (With 'S' exception on Big 'S' in States).

    Propaganda = 16+18+15+16+1+7+1+14+4+1 = 93

    Thelema is the occult religion that worships the number '93'.

    Using the Francis Bacon Gematria (CAPITAL A-Z = 27-52/small a-z = 1-26) we come across an interesting result when decoding 'Thelema'.

    Thelema = 46+8+5+12+5+13+1 = 90 (Ninety = 5+9+5+5+2+7 = 33)

    Anyone that follows this blog knows the significance of the number '33'.

    Lastly, an interesting observation about the most common phrase being used today in America.

    Happy Thanksgiving = 8+1+7+7+7+2+8+1+5+2+1+7+9+4+9+5+7 = 90

    See the '777' combination in 'Happy'?

    Happy Thanksgiving = 126 When using the 'k', 'v', 's' exceptions respectively.

    1. The following classic F2FT blog post perfectly illustrates the importance of '126' and today's national holiday.


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