Thursday, November 26, 2015

42 59 | What Stood Out to Me About the Animal Rights Protest (PHI @ DET), November 26, 2015

14 to 45, the team with the bird name getting roasted on Thanksgiving, and 42 and 59 in the center of the screen.  Number magic.

14+45 = 59
Kill = 10+9+20+20 = 59

The protester is raising awareness about the slaughter of animals at factory farms it appears from the imagery below.

It appears the pictures are documenting factory farm practices, where animals are packed tightly together, in close quarter and in cages.  This is a common point of protest from PETA, as well as other animal rights activists.  I think if everyone were aware of how animals in factory farms are raised, and how many of the animals we eat as a society come from factory farms, we'd be more concerned as a people, just as many activists are.

Of course this comes on Thanksgiving, annual 'Turkey Day'.

No word on if this was a PETA activist, but if they were, the number placement couldn't have been any better.

PETA = 16+5+20+1 = 42

Even PETA (and even just vegetarianism alone), has somehow become, a very divisive issue in our society.

The passing yardage totals stand out to me a bit from both quarterbacks.  Notice that Mark Sanchez took 40-yards worth of sacks, yikes.  Thanksgiving typically is a hard day for birds, sorry Eagles.

Both teams are now 4-7.