Wednesday, August 8, 2018

33 42 58 77 147 187 | William G. Gross, sworn in as first black Police Commissioner in Boston, #42, August 6, 2018

Notice, William G. Gross is a 33-year veteran of the force, and now the 42nd Boston Police Commissioner, the first who is black.

The G is the Masonic logo symbolizes 33 as well as 42.

His name, William G. Gross has the Freemasonry encoding as well.

Notice the 58.

Notice the 77.

Notice the 187.

Notice the 78.

August 6, the day he was sworn in, was right for a Freemason ritual as well.

And then there is the thing about him being a black man, and the first police commissioner, #42.

Read Letters & Numbers for the rest of the very long list.

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