Sunday, November 4, 2018

42 45 46 55 57 58 114 119 127 | LeBron James win over the Blazers & his November 4, 2018 meeting with the Raptors

I love when LeBron James wins with 114-points.

*Remember, LeBron James joined LA 114-days before the 114th World Series

As expected LeBron James and the Lakers got their 119th win against the Blazers, and improved to 4-5.  One more time, the King James Bible was published the year King James turned 45-years-old.

 Keep in mind King James was a Freemason and a Rosicrucian.

I bring this up because he died at age 58, and this game for LeBron was on the day leaving 58-days left in the year, a span of 58-days from his birthday.

 Keep in mind that distance was also 57-days before his birthday, and the game was November 3.

Scottish = 113; Scottish Rite = 57

Read about 113 and the ritual of LeBron joining the Lakers:

Last year, LeBron scored 57-points, 57-days before his birthday.  Remember that?

The other ritual in this game was with Luke Walton, the son of Bill Walton, who helped the Portland Trailblazers win their only championship in the '76-'77 season, over the 76ers.

Notice Luke Walton's birthday was 7-months and 6-days or a span of 7-months and 7-days from the game, and not by accident.

*Walton's birthday is the 87th day of the year; James = 87
*He was born in a leap year, thus the 88th day; King James Bible = 88 

Walton would later play for the Lakers and Celtics in his career, after winning with Portland.

*The Bavarian Illuminati = 221

So... continuing the King James ritual, the Lakers next game is at home against the Toronto Raptors, who LeBron has had many "King James rituals" against in the past.

In this game LeBron Can improve to 5-5, or fall to 4-6.
Los Angeles = 55; Los Angeles Lakers = 257 (55th prime)

In the King James Bible, Psalm 46 is notorious for the "Shakespeare" tribute, where the 46th word from the front is "Shake" and the 46th word from the back is "spear".

Consider the Raptors can fall to 8-2 with a loss.

*82-game season?

If the Raptors won, they would improve to 9-1, like 91, the 13th triangular number.

King James became a King at 13-months of age.

LeBron James won the championship for the Cavaliers, named after the son of King James, King Charles, in his 13th NBA Season.  Thirteen = 45 / 45; Holy Bible = 45 / 45

Notice tonight will be the 44th game between the Raptors and Lakers.  This is a number connecting to LeBron's tattoo, 'Chosen One'.

Don't forget LeBron's 44-points in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the first time the Warriors and Cavs met in the Finals, which was 98-days after their prior meeting, and where Game 1 went to overtime, 98-98, with the Warriors winning 108-100.  Golden State Warriors = 108

Chosen = 98; National Basketball Association = 98

This game comes on LeBron's 4th-month and 4th-day of being a Laker.

Remember the 127 ritual in the Lakers and Cavs gave from March 11, 2018?:

To date, the Raptors are 6-15 while playing at LA:

Thus, it will be the 22nd meeting in the regular season.  King = 22 / 23

LeBron is also 41-10 against the Raptors in the regular season:

His next win will be #42.

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