Monday, February 18, 2019

213 | Reuben Langdon (Devil May Cry voice actor) survives shooting, February 16, 2019 

The scare came on the 47th day of the year, on his 213th day of his age.

*Drive by Shooting = 213


  1. The Game is supposed to release on March 8 this year 😂

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  3. Anyone who falls for this story is brain-dead in Saturn's Cube.
    Saturn is allegedly the 6th Planet from the Sun.
    The Duke Blue DEVILS have 5 NCAA Championships, like
    DEVIL May Cry (5) and are seeking a 6th like the New England Patriots were in SB 53.
    "Duke Blue Devils"=53(Full Red.)
    "Reuben Langdon"=53(Jewish Red.)
    "Saturn's Cube"=53(Single Red.)
    "Fifty-Three"=719(Jewish) Langdon's DOB is 7/19(719/716)
    "Duke Blue Devils"=716(Reverse Satanic) #6 is the #9 upside down.

    "Cubism"=133(Franc Baconis)SB 53 final scores 13-3(133)

    "Mike Krzyzewski"=211(English Ordinal) 211 is the 47th prime
    "Shot At 6 Times"=47(Full Red.)

    Duke defeated NC State on 2/16, "By The Numbers".
    Final scores 94-78 (94+78 =172/127 and 94 - 78 =16)
    #16 lost the Superbowl (16, 1 x 6 =6) and North Carolina is the 12th State and #12 won SB 53.

    "Reuben Christopher Langdon"=127(Full Red.) 127 (1 x 27 =27)
    "Guatemala"=27(Full Red.)

  4. Also, Coach Krzyzewski's DOB is 2/13/19(47) and 2/13(213).
    "Black History Month"=213(English Ordinal)

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