Monday, February 11, 2019

27 42 59 63 116 | Kareem Hunt signed by the Cleveland Browns on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, 2019

This news comes February 11, the 42nd day of the year.

Recall, the Kareem Hunt story had everything to do with 42...

Kareem Hunt's alleged assault was 42-weeks before the news broke:

The news broke on a date with 59 numerology, November 30, 2018:

The incident happened at 3:22 AM:

Kareem Hunt, born August 6, the 86th pick of the NFL Draft:

Kareem Hunt's first NFL game was 32-days after his birthday:

Keep in mind the incident that got him cut by the Chiefs, allegedly happened in Cleveland.

Notice this racial stunt comes 27-weeks after his birthday.  Kareem Hunt wore #27.

The Cleveland Browns haven't won anything since the days of Jim BROWN.

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