Tuesday, April 2, 2019

18 28 35 42 44 61 97 | Manhunt underway for Nipsey Hussle killer, April 2, 2019 +Suspect's name is Eric Holder, Rodney King & Marvine Gaye

This news, disturbing the black community of Los Angeles most specifically, comes on the anniversary of Rodney King's birthday.

Today is April 2, or 4/2, like 42.  What do we know about 42?

The announcement was made last night, April 1, 2019, that they had identified the shooter.

4/1/2019 = 4+1+20+19 = 44

It reminds me of Marvin Gaye, who was born April 2, and killed on his last day of being 44-years-old, April 1.

Marvin Gaye was the Prince of Motown.


Eric Holder?

No, not this one.


Notice the gematria of the name.

Death = 97
61, the 18th prime; Race = 18; 4/2/2019 = 4+2+2+0+1+9 = 18
Rap = 35; Svengali = 35; MANHUNT = 35
Kill = 26 / 28; MANHUNT = 28
Sacrifice = 73; 3/31/2019 = 3+31+20+19 = 73
Sacrifice = 62

Notice the 2-months and 11-days from Eric Holder's birthday to the killing, March 31.



  1. "Nipsey Hussle Killing"====911 Satanic
    "Two Thousand Nineteen"==911
    "Terrorize America Code"==911
    "Hoax Terrorist Attack"===911 <<< What day did it Happen?

    "Freemasonic Symbol"====911 Jewish
    "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack"=911
    "Mind Control Operations"= 911

    Here is the Cum Shot:

    "Top Secret Informant Code"=========911 Jewish <<<<<<<

    "Manhunt Code Names [Eric Holder]" === 911 Jewish <<<<<<<

    "Shooting Death in Los Angeles"====== 911
    "Make America Great Again Operations"==911

    "LAPD Hoax" ======444 J
    "CIA Black Operation"=444 <<< Illuminati Card Name
    "Agenda Title Codes"=444
    "Signal a Deception"==444

    "Create a Hip Hop Deception"===666 J
    "Symbolic Code"========== 666


    1. "Arrest of a Ex Attourney General"==========333
      "Eric Holder Manhunt on April Second"=======333
      "Eric Holder Arrested Date [April Second]"=====333

      "Operation Nineteen Eighty Four"===========333
      "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"===========333

  2. From Eric Holders birthday on 1/21 to today is 2 months 13 days.

    1. Los Angeles area code is 213 as well, right?

    2. "L.A. Area Code [Two One Three]"====213

    3. "Mega Death Area Codes"======213 K

    4. "Prophecy of Death"=======213 K
      "A West Coast Tsunami"=====213 K
      "HAARP Manufactured"=====213 K
      "Mega Death Area Codes"=== 213 K
      "Tsunami Location Code"====213 O
      "A Mega Tsunami Location"== 213 O

      "MegaQuake Expected"=====811 J

      "August Eleventh Event"=====911 S
      "Two Thousand Nineteen"====911
      "Hoax Terrorist Attack"======911


  3. "Suspect is [Eric Holder]"=====911 Jewish
    "Freemaonic Symbol"=======911
    "Mind Control Operations"====911

  4. Did you notice the time of the LAPD tweet, 8:11 am??? From April 2 to August 11 = 131 days or 4 months 9 days. From the other Eric Holder's birthday January 21 to August 11 = 202 days....San Francisco = 202. Might be a stretch but the tweet time usually symbolic.

    1. "Messages at Eight Eleven AM"=======333 K
      "Hidden Tweet Time Signals"========333 K
      "Hidden Gematria in Headline"=======333 K
      "Make America Great Again Agenda"=== 333 K

      "LAPD HW" = 58 O, 58 K
      "Agenda"===58 J, 58 K
      "Mass Panic"=58 RO

      Notice 58 People are talking about it?

      "Twitter Accounts"===58 R

      "A Tweet" ========74, 911 E, 1111 J
      "Massive Flooding"=========1111

      "Eight Eleven Message"== 811 Satanic <<<

    2. Yes I did notice the "58 people talking about it" too. Thanks for your addition too.

  5. Marvin Gaye died on a leap year on April 1st. It would've been 3/31 otherwise.

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