Tuesday, April 2, 2019

24 42 45 62 | Anaheim Angels @ Seattle Mariners, April 2, 2019

Think about today, April 2, and the possible records...

Here's another clue.

4/2/2019 = 4+2+20+19 = 45 (Major League = 45)

Today is 45-days after his birthday.


  1. 1 week 6 days in between the SP's birthdays. Mariners have the 6-1 record.

  2. "MLB April Second"=62, 143
    "Mariners Win"====62, 143
    "Trevor Cahill"====62, 143
    "One and Five"====== 143 K
    "Seattle Mariners"==62

    "Fifth Loss"======42 R <<< On What Day?

    "Game Seven Win"=======177 K
    "April Second MLB"======177 K
    "Angeles Loss on the Road"=177 K
    "Gonzales Victory"=======177 K

    "Seattle T Mobile Park" = 204 <<< April 2nd?
    "Third Gonzales Win"===204
    "Trevor Cahill is Loser"= 240

    "Anaheim Loss"======181 RO, 116 O <<< 911 Upside Down
    "April Second"=======181 RO, 116 O

    "Marco Gonzales Wins===92 <<< 92nd Day of the Year?

    It will Gonzales 3rd Win:

    "Third Win"=====109 K
    "Anaheim Angels"=109 O

    "Second Cahill Loss"===134 K
    "April Second"====== 134

    15min Decode


    1. My thoughts are that your bullshit method of decoding shit had you go 2 for 4 in the elite 8.

    2. So What I put 5 min. Into it.

    3. I missed 1 game in the Sweet Sixteen and I put 15min into that decode. Sports Decoding is Boring!

  3. Marco Gonzales comes in 20-12 for his career. Can get his 13th loss to LA = 13.

  4. In the Red Sox at A's game, I noticed that the A's pitcher is Mike Fiers, who is 55-56 for his career. he can become 56-56 and Oakland Athletics = 56. That's to go along with you mentioning the A's can become 5-3 by defeating the Red Sox = 53.

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