Sunday, April 7, 2019

38 47 74 83 88 223 | Ellen James "Maximum" Morphonios, the relative of agent Jake Morphonios, September 30, 1929 - December 22, 2002

 Notice her nickname, Maximum Morphonios.  88.

The name also carries the 223 value.

Ellen Morphonios seems to have gone out by the code.

She died 83-days after her 73rd birthday, on a date with 38 numerology.

12/22/2002 = 12+22+(2+0+0+2) = 38

As for being 73...

For a bit more on the nickname 'Maximum'... and being in 'Dade' County...

Don't forget the significance of 94.


  1. "Eliminate the Red Raiders"======114, 222
    "Red Raiders Elimination"=======114, 222
    "Atlantic Coast Conference Symbol"=114

    "Monday April Eighth"========95, 185, 219
    "Cavaliers are Champions"=====95
    "Red Raiders are Loser"=======95
    "First Appearance Loser"====== 95

    "Red Raiders NCAA Elimination"===333 K
    "Monday April Eighth Champions"==333 K
    "Make America Great Again Agenda"=333 K
    "A Virginia First Time Win"=======333 K

    "Texas Tech University"======98 <<< 98th Day of the Year?
    "Atlantic Coast are Champions"=98

    "Big Twelve Conference Defeat"========408 K <<< On What Day?
    "The Atlantic Coast Conference Champion"=480

    It could go either way...but I find more for a Cavaliers Win than a Red Raiders Win.

  2. Jake's PO Box was (still is?) 1333. In one video he said he did "9 to 11 interviews" in Vegas...why not just say "about 10"? He's handed out some truth but his past raises too many questions


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