Monday, April 1, 2019

39 56 | Auburn Tigers advance to first Final Four 39-days after Charles Barkley's 56th birthday, March 31, 2019

Charles = 39


  1. Ok, well I have not read anything on here for a while, but here is my two cents for those that need to make bank or have some shit talking at work to finish.

    Last year Villain-ova won, they were a 108. 108th national championship, 80th tournament.

    This year If the patterns are similar, like this and the World cup futbol tournament, NHL, MLB, NFL, etc.

    109th National Championship and 81st tourney.
    'University of Auburn' 109 RFR, no one else even hits 109, except New Mexico State, which admittantly I took into the 16 (loud indoor buzzer sound).

    Make bank. Albeit, usually I am offering an angle to bet for the spread, etc. Can't help there yet. Crown should go to Auburn.

    I am pretty certain it is an Under Armour brawl. TTU vs. UA The first and I think third school to be Under Armour sponsored schools.

    So working with this story above or the one I read about Charles Barkley. He got 3 of the 4 final 4's correct.. (He did not guess Auburn, his fricking alma-mater) Another reason to go all in with them. ALL IN. Now.

    1. "Tigers"===33 R
      "Auburn"===81 K <<< 81st Tourney?

      "Auburn Tigers are Winner" = 109 <<< 109th Championship
      "Auburn Tigers is Champion"=109 <<< In What Year?
      "A First Time Winner"===== 109
      "A Date [Four Eight Nineteen"=109
      "Tigers Victory"========= 190

      "First Championship Win [Four Eight Nineteen]"===444, 555
      "Do What thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law"=444, 555

      Auburn is 30 -9

      "Thirty Two Wins"====181 <<<< 42nd Prime
      "Auburn Tigers"=====181
      "First Win"========118
      "A First Title"=======181
      "Tigers are Champion"=181

  2. Hey that's actually me, Insane Unknown... not sure why I am all out of whack with the above post.

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