Monday, April 1, 2019

52 106 133 134 | Bridge collapses on Tennessee interstate, April 1, 2019 news +Mayor Andrew Berke

The gematria of 'once in a lifetime accident' sums to 134.

Today is 133-days to August 11, 2019.


Tisha B'Av is connected to the 'prophecy' of the third temple.

Notice how the Mayor of Chattanooga factors in.

From his 51st birthday to August 11, 2019 is 134-days.


  1. Can you look into todays Brady's tweet?

  2. The mayor of Chattanooga, ‘Andrew Berke’ = 106 / 52 in the same ciphers you have shown for Tennessee and Prophecy.

    His birthday was yesterday so from his birthday to 8/11 is a span of 134 days

  3. HAARP changed ownership on 8/11/2015.

  4. The Chattanooga ramp leading to Atlanta collapsed 2 yrs 2 days after the "fiery bridge collapse" in Atlanta on 3/30/17 ... also 733 days apart (inclusive). 7 = "G" ... 33 "degrees" -- not hard to spot the signature. Both sections are vital to the FL-bound spring break crowd. Coincidence?
    Worth noting: Basil Eleby - the "homeless black crackhead" charged with felony arson in the 2017 Atlanta bridge collapse, now works at a law firm ... & all charges were dismissed. :D ;D

    1. "Spring Break" = 57 (red)
      Conspiracy & April Fools = 57 (rr)
      "One Blue Car" = 96 (eo) , 57 (rr)
      Alternative Method = 96 (rr)
      The blue car is the definitive "signature" in this event.
      New Bridge Funds = 227 (ro) , 74 (rr)
      I suppose deliberately engineering the demise of a decrepit bridge could be deemed safer than waiting for it to collapse on it's own ... at least this time they didn't provide the extra hype of a falsified arrest. :D ;D

  5. Zach I'm pretty sure it will be Texas tech. Texas tech was founded by the Carnegie foundation= 98/ 134 the championship is on the 98th day of the year. Carnegie foundation in satanic gematria= 811 Andrew Carnegie died on August 11. Texas tech red raiders = 411 like golden gate explosion, tying it back to 811. They should face Virginia which is in their 114 season. Thomas Jefferson helped found University of Virgina. Founding fathers= 94 it's Texas techs 94 season. All this stuff keeps tying into 8/11. Shout-out to Neal P at bsdetector blogspot he put together the thing about taking down the founding fathers. I just tied it in too Carnegie and 811

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