Saturday, July 13, 2019

33 38 74 | Ray Diaz (YouTuber) arrested for alleged sexual assault, July 12, 2019

It's another YouTube personality in the headlines...

This arrest came a span of 33-days from his upcoming birthday, and he is 33.

Keep in mind this happened in San Diego, 74 land.

We know how 74 and 33 go together.

This happened on a date with 38 numerology as well.

7/12/19 = 7+12+19 = 38


  1. Wouldn't let me post this on the other page...

    I found Sadie's DOB, it's 4/30/44

    From her 75th birthday to 7/12/19 including the end date is 75 days.

    She also died just a few days after Phil Freelon. Both were big on African American museums

  2. Something is off with his birthday, it says he is 33 but if he was born in 1988 he is 30 and will soon be 31.

  3. He was born on August 13 1985 if you go on famous birthdays


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