Monday, September 16, 2019

13 33 42 51 78 169 233 325 | DAWG POUND - Some brief MNF analysis, Browns @ Jets, September 16, 2019

This one went very much as expected.  Baker Mayfield improved to 7-8 as a starter.

Halftime Stats:

163, the 38th prime; DEATH = 38

A central story was the DEATH of the girlfriend of the Brown's player. 

Read about that tragedy here: 


233, the 13th Fibonacci (On the night of the return of #13 to New York)
The final score was 23-3 (like 233)

29, 9th prime; Jets = 9
-Browns went on to win with 23-points 

Ohio = 47; Freemasonry = 58

Baseball = 54 / 162
Cleveland, New York, 78. 

 This trade from the Dolphins to the Steelers was a storyline.

Numerology = 55; Satan = 55; God = 55; Boss = 55 (The point is, this number has power)

Zebras, black and whites, masons.  Walter Camp.  Look him up.

Here comes the 42 show.

Don't get me started.  But for starters.   Freemason = 42


Math = 139; Freemasonry = 139

And that brings me to 23-3, or 233.

233, the 13th Fibonacci Number
233, the 51st prime; Cleveland = 33 / 51; *Freemason = 51; Conspiracy = 511

Today was September 16, or 16/9, like 169.  169 has a square root of 13.

Then there was the whole 'mono' joke, connecting the relationship with 233 and 51.

Notice the 'feeling better' emphasis.

And about the "33 ritual" you might have missed...

MNF = 33; New York = 33; Cleveland = 33 

Odell's first catch of the night was for 33-yards.

Read about 33-yard catch here: 

Here are some closing shorts of starring actors in tonight's performance.

Thanks Britche's... reminding us who runs the show.

233, the 13th Fiobnacci # - Think of #13, Back in New York, Odell Beckham Jr.
233, the 51st Prime # - Cleveland = 33 / 51

Mayfield became 3-5 on the road, with 35 attempts and 305 net yards.  Love it.

Browns = 35
QB = 35
*Football = 35

The winning score of the first Super Bowl was 35-points.

*Gematria Fact About 35:  Tom Brady = 35 (He has 35 birth numerology as well) 

And remember that part about becoming 7-8, like 78.  New York = 78; Cleveland = 78


New York, NY = 93

As for that 325...

325.  Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 325

Jets = 9 (23, the 9th prime) (23 receptions) 

71 tackles.  Browns = 71
61 tackles.  Ohio = 61


  1. Harrybutts106September 16, 2019 at 5:54 AM

    Super Bowl 53 score Pats 13 Rams 3 =43
    Pats score at site of Super Bowl 54
    First half 13 points second half 30 pts =43

    ✌🏻️ minions

    Cheers !
    Harry 😈

    43=7 = Kaepernick jersey number = 7, is like 16 Montana's number.
    7= Dwayne Haskins jersey number
    his life path numbers are 16/7
    he will beat the Patriots in Washington because the Pats suck on 10/6 historically

    1. Redskins lost Super Bowl 7
      #7 kapernick lost Super Bowl 47 ( black out)
      The pats improve to 7-4 in Super Bowl 54
      Dolphins perfect season 47 years ago

      Nice try minion !

    2. If the 49ers made the Super Bowl they would fall
      To 5-2 like 25pt comeback from Brady vs shanahan
      Bringing the pats to 9-5 all time like 1959 patriots first season
      Their 14th meeting
      End =14
      Super Bowl =41
      Same place super bowl 41 took place Miami
      Where the AFC won in the Rain =42
      Brady is 42 years old
      Could be first QB to play in 16 games at that age

    3. Patriots Super Bowl record all time is 6-6

  2. when i was a kid, i had a number 55 Dolphins jersey from sears, I Think. 1977, generic looking but great color

  3. final score 23-3, ohio team wins
    sunday, Dallas played Redskins.
    Elliott and Dwayne Haskins are from Ohio State.
    they exchanged jerseys after game
    that Day, Elliott carried 23 times for 111 yards
    23/111 = 23-3
    hey, i just happened to see that while looking at Haskins stuff

    1. wait, that also adds to 5/3 , Haskins Birthday.
      how does it connect to what? dont know

    2. 23= Redskins play monday the 23rd ,next week vs Chicago

    3. Haskins bday is 5/3.. he's playing next week!!! at least thats how interpret this currently

    4. I dont think he will start Monday but i can see Keenum possibly getting hurt at home against Chicago and Haskins relieving him. Tbh he's top 10 in yards and yet to turn the ball over so he's not in risk of losing his job this week. Unless he plays awful at soldier field or gets hurt he'll probably play the full game against Chicago on MNF.
      As for haskins and zeke they've been buddies since there days as Buckeyes. Ironic though cuz i remember reading an article on a kid that was a dallas cowboys fand with his dad and was asking Haskins for an autograph. Haskins was about to sign for the kid til he noticed a cowboy jersey and a sign that said "Redskins who?" Haskins then walked away without signing. Demarcus Lawrence of the Cowboys has also been making headlines for refusing to sign a Giants fans Barkley jersey. Saquon Barkley then gifted the kid and his family tickets to a game on 10/10 against the jets @MetLife stadium along with flying the family out to NY to meet with some giants and get "vip treatment" at Metlife stadium.
      I just think its weird that Case Keenum and Metlife both have a Full reduction of 34. Maybe Case will get hurt the following week at MetLife, and Haskins will get his first start against NE on 10/6 ?
      I'm not sure i'm really just spit-balling here but i really think thers some clues to when Haskins will take over for Washington.

    5. I just noticed the date of that next Redskins MNF game is September 23 as well. Same date Bledsoe got nailed and then hospitalized, causing the Pats to introduce young Tom Brady into the league. His first start was the following week and he lit up Peyton Manning and the Colts

  4. Yep! The Steelers gave up a 1st and 5th rounder in the 2020 draft and a 6th in the 2021 for Fitzpatrick, a 4th rounder in 2020 and 7th rounder in 2021. I did see the number 74 showing up!

  5. lol hey dig this.. no wonder the Saints fell. they are currently 9-11 in their playoff history

    1. yep you called it.. I give props where it's due... You said Brees would get hurt and he never does, great call... Looks like saints steelers are both out ..... damn crazy year already. Week 2 was so diff then week 1

  6. This Browns win had a ritual to do with The Cars and their lead singer Ric Ocasek which was the news article on the front page of CNN all day yesterday.

    He grew up in Cleveland Ohio adding another reason I thought the Browns would win. Anyways its pretty easy to see why the Browns won when you look at the numbers surrounding the singer and the key players on the Browns who had big games.

    Ric Ocasek's Birthday is March 3rd like 3/23
    The score of the game was 3-23

    ***As I'm going back at double checking my info some weird shit is happening on google and wikipedia. When I looked up Baker Mayfield's middle name it showed it as Denis yesterday and now its shows it as
    Baker Reagan Mayfield. I have a screenshot showing Denis... Wtf? Can anyone confirm which one is correct or if they have seen anything different.. very strange.***

    Baker Denis Mayfield = 323 in RO (like Ric's Birthday and the score)
    Baker Denis Mayfield = 107 as well in RFR (There were 107 days left when he died on 9/15)

    The date of the game 9/16 left 106 days left in the year.
    Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr. = 106 in FR

    Odell's Birthday is 11/5
    The Cars = 115
    Otcasek = 115 (The proper way to spell his birth name)

  7. Definitely shenanigans going on. Baker Reagan Mayfield (named after Ronald Reagan)

  8. I was watching some NFL thing and a commercial came on and one of the people on there said, “football is the greatest reality show, and it’s a year long story” they don’t even deny it anymore

  9. Harrybutts106September 17, 2019 at 5:27 AM

    If the 49ers made the Super Bowl they would fall 
    To 5-2 like 25pt comeback from Brady vs shanahan 
    Bringing the pats to 9-5 all time like 1959 patriots first season 
    Their 14th meeting 
    End =14 
    Super Bowl =41 
    Same place super bowl 41 took place Miami 
    Where the AFC won in the Rain =42 
    Brady is 42 years old 
    Could be first QB to play in 16 games at that age
    Did you know that the lifetime points SF vs NE is 322 to 262 SF favor. And they don't play each other in season.
    SF is to Pats as Giants is to Pats. They aren't allowed to beat them. They were only allowed to beat eagles with a black QB and Rams because Rams already got one two years earlier. They have to take a knee fir the older franchises.

  10. MikeyjamesSeptember 17, 2019 at 6:32 AM

    yep you called it.. I give props where it's due... You said Brees would get hurt and he never does, great call... Looks like saints steelers are both out ..... damn crazy year already. Week 2 was so diff then week 1
    :) thanks.

  11. ageSeptember 17, 2019 at 7:30 AM

    Letting you know I read your whole thing. since you typed it all

  12. LSU Football twitter posted:

    89 yard touchdowns from @obj seven years apart.

    @God_Son80 is still there.

    Eighty nine yards = 222
    Odell Cornelious Beckham = 222

    LSU = 7
    89 yard touchdown = 80 in Full Reduction and Reverse Full Reduction like #80

    1. He was on the cover of SI with #80 Landry. I have said they go no further than losing conference championship...and maybe LSU makes final 4 in football

  13. So all the teams that everyone thought pre season to win the Superbowl that had previously won a Superbowl in Miami have no chance the Colts,Saints and the Steelers.

    1. :) some of us aren't everyone. But are some of those everyone's real or genuine people?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Actually they have the Steelers missing the playoffs again. And usually the media will get it wrong! They had the Patriots and the Saints in SB 54! And usually they'll get that wrong too!


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