Sunday, September 8, 2019

33 38 47 52 74 79 97 158 193 | Brian Quinones, Minnesota rapper killed on Facebook Live by police, September 7, 2019

My favorite part of this article is the mention of how after he is killed on September 7, the video on Facebook Live runs for an additional 97-minutes.

September 7 leaves 115-days left in the year, and his rap name was 'Blessed the MC'.

Notice the man is a rapper, and this comes on the anniversary of the shooting of Tupac, the birth of Eazy-E, and last year, the death of Mac Miller, as well as the release of the secret track by LeBron James and Kevin Durant (who has a Tupac tattoo).

The killing was in Richfield.

Have you heard the song Gematria, the killing name?

Minnesota connects to Gematria as well.

His name, Brian Quinones, sums to 193, the 44th prime, and 44, like kill.

And he is from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

He was a barber.

More on his name gematria is as follows:

Freemasonry = 158
Caskets go 6' deep and are 8' long
Symbol = 76
Shooting = 37 / 44
Police = 102; This Is My Everything = 102
Freemason = 42
Masonry = 39

There's that 97....

And notice how Facebook Live goes with Minnesota.

Notice the pursuit began in Edina, perfect for a 'police' chase.

33 / 60 / 102

Near the intersection of 77th Street?

Notice the pursuit began at the TIME of 10:22.  The album named promoted sums to 122.

'So sorry' is another 39 and 42.

Ultimately, the story is suicide by cop, to sell the album 'TIME'.

This happened on the Minneapolis rapper, Slug's birthday.  His 47th.

And for one last point, don't forget how Facebook Live connects to 'death'.  218.


  1. Minn had a shooting at a festival or something on the holiday weekend. It was at a place with Falcon in the name. So I assumed Vikings would win.

  2. Falcons vs Patriots SB 51 rematch in Miami b/c not only is AB a miami native but so is Devonta Freeman .... Falcons get revenge on Pats #RiseUp

    1. I'm sorry but it's a guarantee that will not happen

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    3. Only 2 things in life are guaranteed and that's Death and Taxes so I stand by my belief and will continue to do so until it comes to fruition #FalconsNation #RiseUp

    4. Well, I can assure you, the league has no interest in glorifying the Falcons.. a team thst only existed since merger.

    5. Maybe not but after they did what they did to us back at Super Bowl 51 they owe us b/c they know that what was about to happen would have been the worst Super Bowl blowout since what had happened to Peyton Manning against the Seahawks. All because Vegas would've lost 7 million if we had won is bs

    6. Vegas barely accounts for 1% of national and beyond, gambling money. If you ment Vegas alone. Come on dude.. their joy is in your disappointment. Look what they did to Chicago baseball for 100 years. They don't give a fuck about any cities fans. The Falcons are the extra in the movie, not the star team/actor.
      It might 10, it might thirty years before the Falcons get anything. And thst goes for quite few teams, not just them.

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