Tuesday, September 17, 2019

44 | Georgia man shoots and kills masked teens in September 16, 2019 news

This happened September 16, 2019, in Georgia.

9/16/19 = 9+16+19 = 44




  1. what about the cop shot and killed in Tuscaloosa Alabama they showed a cop vehicle with 187 on it at the scene and he was born in 1979 murder= 79 Tuscaloosa Alabama= 113

  2. Browns coach #9 Freddy kitchens age 44 Alabama QB
    Last season in Tuscaloosa 97
    Record as starter 22-13=44

    1979 bama beat PSU for national title
    USC Trojans also claimed the title that year

    1979 heisman charles white #12 current age 61 (7)
    Just another Brady tribute

    Super bowl 13 winning score 35-31
    Tom Brady =35
    Alabama =31
    Notice #12 Bradshaw was QB Pitt
    Vs #12 staubach age 77
    Brady born in 77

    Pitt over cowboys

    1. Harry, Any feel on the National Championship this year?

      Could it be Michigan's & Harbaugh's turn?

    2. "NCAA D-One Champion [Colorado]" = 219 <<< 2019?
      "U of Colorado Wins It" = 84, 219
      "A Buffaloes Championship" = 219
      "NCAA Football Champion" = 219
      "A Colorado Year Symbol" = 219
      "Buffaloes Win Symbol" = 219
      "CU is a Champion" = 219

      "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 84, 911
      "First Colorado Championship" = 911

      "First Colorado Championship" = 286
      "Colorado Wins First Title" = 286
      "Three Hundred thirty Three" = 286 <<< 3-3-3 ?

      "First CU NCAA Championship" = 246 [246 + 642 = 888]
      "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 246
      "Interpret Messages" = 246
      "Decode" = 246

    3. @Unknown
      I root for Michigan but no.
      This season is about Alabama bouncing back from
      The thrashing they received by Clemson.
      I think Oklahoma beats Alabama in the semi final
      Then they beat Clemson in the championship game.
      Hurts will win the NC and heisman
      The 4th spot is tricky it will probably go
      To a pac 12 team.
      The one thing is certain. Patriots and Alabama alternate championships.
      Technically this should be a bama championship year but they’re defense is beatable.
      Georgia has a very hungry team. Keep an eye on them. UCF is another dark horse which seems to
      Be in the national spotlight.

      Before the season I really felt it was rematch year
      Bama vs Clemson
      Pats vs Rams or eagles
      Houston vs Dodgers

      Narratives seem to be
      Can Brady get #7 have more than the Steelers
      Can bama redeem itself and Tua win the heisman
      Can the dodgers finally will the World Series
      Can Wentz win a Super Bowl after injury
      Can the Rams probe last year was a fluke in the SB
      With 3pts

      I think Harbaugh will leave Michigan for an NFL
      Job again or just does television.

      Go BLUE! Regardless 😁

    4. Georgia wins Natty... Black and Red. Pope. Toronto. The Braves win WS. Red White Blue vs Orange. (See World Cup Women). Dog vs Cat. Indian beats Astrology.

  3. Black Sunday=113

  4. At very least, they are cherrypicking and using word games, because the news refers to the would-be robbers as victims, even though they acknowledge that the dead people supposedly initiated the situation. Sometimes the disarmament programming seems like reverse psychology. Stories like these don't exactly make people not want guns yknow?

    Notice midway toward the end of the article, they quote somebody saying they "heard somebody have an assault rifle"

    FIREARMS = 44
    TEEN = 44

    Note the strange line "Georgia is one of at least ten states with self defense laws that include language--"

    One Of At Least Ten? What kind of journalism is this?

    Ten is similar to Teen, but there is probably a reason they used this goofy wording to be able to say Ten.

  5. Packers=44

  6. @HARRYButts
    Harry, I can answer your SB 7 riddle/assumption.. Redskins lost SB 7 to "Miami" in Dolphins perfect season.
    That gives them the sacrificial right to take away the Pats perfect season :) since SB is in Miami.

    1. Redskins lead series 6-4, about to be 7-4 IMO

    2. The only other player to get to wear 7 was Theismann and he beat Pats the 2 or three times they played

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Pats 232, Skins 205= lifetime points vs each other
      232=7, 205=7, Haskins and Theismann = #7 jersey.


  7. *Jared Goff will be donating $1,000 to California Strong for every touchdown he throws.

    1. Ram please don't these 100 posts a day . See how nobody is replying to you under that. 54 years old, be more concise.

    2. Lol. No one replies. Because no one said anything before I did this in the first place. I'm now adding learning info. This is the only place for it. I have been incredibly concise..while at other times thinking out loud. Concise like Jablonski? I at least try to say what connects to what. He just rambles on a unexplained list.
      ....again, no one replies because no one ever typed here in the first place. When I have less free time, it will cut down lol. Bunch whiny pc pansies. I'm showing how an open mind actually works/ solves things. I'm shoeing detail. I'm showing getting it after 3 years. Youre welcome :)


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