Saturday, September 14, 2019

66 82 114 322 | Larry Garron, original Boston Patriot, dead at 82, September 14, 2019

A former Patriot has died at age 82.  New England Patriots = 82


He has died 114-days after his 82nd birthday.  History = 114

Recall how the 114th World Series concluded with a Boston Red Sox championship, 99-days before the Patriots won the Super Bowl, to conclude the 99th NFL season, with Super Bowl 53.

New England = 99
Patriots = 53
Boston Red Sox = 53 


He also died on his 115th day of his age.  The 115th World Series is upcoming.

Keep in mind the day of his death, September 14, leaves 108-days left in the year.

108 double stitches on baseball.

September 14 is the 257th day of the year as well.

257, 55th prime
Boston, Massachusetts = 55 

His name gematria is as follows:

NFL = 66

If Patriots went to a Super Bowl and lost, they would be 6-6...

Freemason = 147
Masonic = 74
Mason = 73


  1. its Marino's BDAY 9-15 , but I doubt that helps Miami vs Pats lol
    heres the weird thing. since Marino played.. his birthday fell on a sunday one time.. they beat the colts.
    after he retired they beat the colts 2 more times on his birthday.. 1 away, 2 home games

  2. Larry Garron jr = 76,176,86, 175.. not sure what 175 is

  3. i'm sure he'll have something to do with tomorrows game vs miami on Marinos bday

  4. The Rams announced on Sunday that the team's new $4.9 billion palace in Inglewood, California, will be known as SoFi Stadium after the two sides agreed to a 20-year deal. SoFi is an online personal finance company that helps people achieve financial independence by offering services that range from borrowing, saving, spending to investing
    Lol 4.9 billion =49= 49ers
    SoFi= SF.
    The 2 sides agreed to a 20 year deal=2/20, SB date

  5. Steelers, 4 for 9 passing, before their first season TD.=49= Pennsylvania, Home of Montana

  6. Soney Michel at half, 13 runs for "54" yrds. 49=13. A Brown wearing number 17= 17 win season

  7. Pitt,,Mason Rudolph b day numbers, suggest a possible win

    1. Mason Rudolph drive started at 9:49, first completion of career, 46 yrds to Juju

    2. The Fox sports football robot has number 34 on body

    3. They lost! Smh! I think the Steelers are either tanking on purpose or next week Rudolph starts a 14-1 winning streak

  8. Steelers game: there were 54 total points at the 5:34 mark. 54 is obvious.. add the divisors of 34, you get 54. This year, I think steelers represent Joe Montana among other things. After Seattle made it 28-19, they quickly showed a "yellow" fox sports foitball robot, before commercial. Like a split second only

  9. I predicted Brees would get injured in Dallas.. well, looks like it happpened sooner.. Now it Appears Jameis and his 54 gematria, will win division

  10. Redskins scored 49 total points in preseason.
    that will matter, come the Pats game :)

  11. Drew Brees injured his right thumb.

    Right Thumb = 9+9+7+8+2 + 2+8+3+4+2 = 54 (Full Reduction)

    New Orleans = 4+4+4 + 3+9+6+4+8+4+8 = 54 (Reverse Full Reduction)

  12. See that stats commercial? 49% chance to complete pass, to #16 wr. = 49ers

  13. Andrae ColemamSeptember 15, 2019 at 6:57 PM

    They lost! Smh! I think the Steelers are either tanking on purpose or next week Rudolph starts a 14-1 winning streak
    14-1 won't happen but I doubt they take a big dive.

    1. Ben will probably retire at the end of the season. They probably finish with a 11-5 record. I don't see the Steelers having a losing season this year.

    2. Also have you noticed history repeats itself with the Steelers?
      04: Tommy Maddox injures his elbow, Ben becomes the new QBs
      2019: Ben injures his elbow, Mason Rudolph starts.

    3. You always got to pay attention to patterns with certain teams.

  14. "Larry Garron's Murder" = 55(Chaldean)

    115-World Series?

    "Larry Garron's Murder" = 115(Reverse Full Reduction)

    Patriots won the post 9/11 Super Bowl.

    "Larry" = 911(English Extended)

    He died 3-days after 9/11.

    "3-Days After" = 147(Reverse Ordinal)(Larry Garron)(Freemason)

    "3-Days After 9/11" = 53(Jewish Reduction)

    1. He died a span of 3-days from 9/11. The news came out 3-days after.


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