Saturday, November 2, 2019

47 50 69 112 211 | Dresden declares Nazi emergency, November 2, 2019 +Anniversary of Balfour Declaration

German city declares Nazi emergency?

Today, November 2, 2019, is the 102-year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which persuaded the US leadership to fight against Germany in World War I.

Read about the Balfour Declaration here:

Dresden  = 33; Nazis = 33; Hitler came to power in '33

Today is November 2, or 11/2.

Circles, cycles, calendars, dates.

Nazinostand?  Nazinostand = 47

Today can be written 2/11, like 211.  211, 47tth prime


  1. Hubbard, we are still waiting for your proof that you called the Nationals to win before they won the World Series. So far there is zero proof that you did this whatsoever, despite your claims to the contrary on your Patreon page.

  2. NA-ZI=NATIONAL-ZIONIST, NA-SO= NATIONAL-SOZIALIST, Nazi comes from Aschkenazi Jew and not from Nationalsozialisten. Look at Ben Zion Dinur(Dinaburg) the Founder of yad vashem. he wanted an investigation into the murder weapon that killed so many Jews and was immediately removed from office. Why?? Jews are the Spawn of Satan!!

  3. The same is with the concentration camps, in german Language Konzentrations-Lager=KL and not KZ. Why is the letter z so important to always be mentioned? Z=26th letter 2x6=66,317=66prime,flipped the word lie upside down =317,Z= stand for lie like Zorro(Fox) from Johnston McCulley=223RO he was 909 Months, 21 Days old-Nine hundred Nine weeks twenty one days =411RO Divisors of 411=1,3,137,411


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